Saturday, July 31, 2010

VHS Bleep Boxes

I'm making a limited edition run of 10 of these little bleep boxes housed in old VHS cassette tape covers. Big thanks to Marty Malone for the kind donation of a heap of horror and zombie movies. Thanks to Derek Holzer and (who had their domain squatted recently) for their tuition. If you would like to buy one get in touch.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

BEW Promo Cassette Tape 2010

Here's two mp3s you might like

I made 'em for a 90minute long cassette tape,
side A has a collection of noise jams and demos from 2009/10
side B has a selection of remixes from my archives (some well known names and some lesser-known ones too - some nearly 10years old)

side a

side b

BEW - Promo Casette Tape 2010

Side A - Demos: Various 2009/10
Side A - Demos Various 2009 10 by bew

Mutton Cubes
Farfisa Fuzz
Woodblock and Harpsichord
Rudi Thumb Dub
Baby Bleep (dub-1)
Chip 140
Nasty Mono Dub 4
Skipitty Blip
Nes core 180
Clonard 180 mix 3

Side B - Remixes Archive Mixed 1
Side B - Remixes Archive Mixed 1 by bew

Robyn G Shiels - Robot Spaceships (bew warp mix)
Faroh - this is not hiphop (bee's instrumental dub)
Feline Dream - Lull bew remix)
M Sodom - Sex With Celebrities (bew remix)
Escape Act - Everyone Got Shot (BEW Snoid remix)
Milanese - Vanilla Monkey (BEW broken mix)
Jamie Lidell - Feel Good (bew remix)
Shameless Hussies - Driven (BEW 140 remix)
Ex-Magician - Plan Retrieval (BEW dub)
Jamie A - Cafes and Cathedrals (bew gay cream mix)
Dry County - Glodfish (bew remix)
Kidd Dynamo - different frights of stairs (bew - boo)

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Bin Disco / Trans - 17+180710

Bin Disco / Trans 17+180710 from dodgy stereo on Vimeo.

Bin Disco
Trans Urban Arts Festival,
outside the Black Box cafe, Belfast

created by
Nicholas Keogh
Barry Cullen
Fanfare Ciocarlia

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trans:missions 090710

The show in the Crescent Arts Centre was quite a different event than any others I've played recently. The space was quite full of people drinking their carry outs, the room was parts; party, gallery, studio and gig, with two teams of artists (one from Belfast, the other from Dublin) engaging in 'Secret Wars', a competitive 'draw off' or whatever you want to call it.

The two teams had 90 minutes to fill in a large white rectangular board using only black paint and black felt tip markers. Both did a grand job.

The crowd seemed to enjoy it. I had fun playing a set that moved from about 110 - 180 bpm and screaming lots through a distortion and delay pedal.

Anne-Sophie Cocault took some photos:

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Pressure present Oneman 100710

Pressure had Oneman (Rinse FM/Radio1) over at the Black Box.
They played a great bunch of records and plenty of people got up and did a bit of shaking
(the soundsystem helped make things dance even if they didn't choose to).

PRESSURE presents Oneman 100710 from dodgy stereo on Vimeo.

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Ecker 090710

The last ECKER at the Menagerie Bar.
End of an era. It was good while it lasted.
Here's a video of some people having a good time
(crowd surfing - if you watch carelessly).

ECKER 090710 - last at the Menagerie from dodgy stereo on Vimeo.

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Trans - Summer BASE

Trans is on again. YAY!

I'll be doing a couple of things that you might enjoy.
Ecker + guest Submerse - last show at the Menagerie before it stops doing live shows and club nights,
I'll be doing visuals at the end of the night, before that though, you can hear me performing a set of popular rhythms at Trans:mission at the Crescent Arts Centre. I'll also be on BBC Radio Ulster 92-95 FM, 1341 MW) doing a live session to promote the show.

I've made some promo cassette tapes as 'merch'. There are two mixes; side a - demos from 2009/2010, and side b - remixes from my archives.
Once/if they've sold out, I'll post mp3's of the mixes.

I'll be doing visulas at Pressure's Oneman show too - expect lots of tight digital lines and some primitive live camera work from me and a heap of tasy rhythms and bass from the residents and guest.

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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Distroboto + BBQ VoL. 2


Old cigarette vending machines which now sell art; three inch DCs and DVDs, buttons, cassette tapes, books, zines, comix. I found these machines at Casa Del Popolo and La Salla Rosa whilst enjoying the Suoni Pel Il Popolo festival.

Some products are dispensed without packaging (cassettes), others (discs etc) in remixed cigarette packaging, or in little parcels made of blocks of corrugated plastic (maybe cut from old election adverts) wrapped in puppy-print cellophane - the machines have boxes on top for you to leave the packaging to be recycled, or submit your own piece of art for consideration.

I bought numerous pretty little things from these machines, both for myself and as little gifts. Here is one I'm sharing with you, a mix tape fit for Summer.

BBQ VoL . 2 (2009)

Side A
King Kurtis - Memphis Soul Stew
Clarence Wheeler - Broasted or Fried
Lonnie Youngblood - Soul Food
Soul Smoochers - Black Pepper
South Central Avenue Municipal Blues Band
- Bowl of Soul
Jimmy Castor - Hamhocks Espagnol
Laura Lee - Crumbs Off The Table
Raynel Winglas - BBQ Ribs
Freddie King - Hot Tomato
Rufus Thomas - Soul Food

Side B
Pazant Bros, - Greasy Greens
Bohannon - Red Bone
Ramsey Lewis - Jungle Strut
Billy Reed & The STreet People
- Grease Piece
Brother Jack McDuff - Hot Barbecue
Count Yates and His Rhythm Crusaders
- At The Soul-In
David Diggs - Chew Baby Chew
Robert Ward & the Ohio Untouchables
- Hot Stuff

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