Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ecker - 210809

Read this:

9:00 PM

Bloom vs De-Twist vs T-Polar
ECKER @ Menagerie
University St, Belfast,
Northern Ireland
bt1 1oo
Cost: £3 / £5

They've got a top blog featuring links to mixes from guys who'll be playing over the next few months.Check it out. Get your diary out.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mixtape 2005

I still use tapes pretty regularly: in the kitchen and the car. I found one I made a few years ago (summer '05?) and it's an airy Sunday morning collection you might enjoy. I haven't bothered with a tracklist, but it contains: Capitol K, Badly Drawn Boy, Air, and various other mellow recording artists.



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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Benedict LA - Tall Ships 140809

I played guitar with Benedict LA last night in Lavery's Beer Tent at the Odyssey as part of the entertainment at the Tall Ships. We were the last band of the evening playing from 8.30 - 9PM. The weather was pretty crap, but people hung around listened and hooted for more.

Benedict LA is the music of my friend Paul Dixon. He previously made music under the name Soviet Kings. I made a BEW remix for him a while ago.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Legal, Free Tunes

Here's a nice frequently updated site giving you access to bucket-loads of free music. And it's legal.
Legal Torrents.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Modul8 + Respect Your VJ

After using Resolume on my old PC for quite a while I've been investigating Modul8 on Mac.

I loved the simple intuitive clip mixing interface of Resolume. It had lots of great plug-ins too. I've tried the latest version: Avenue, but I'm not sure It's what I want to use for performance: especially as it doesn't currently support flash nor all the great FreeFrame plug-ins that it did in earlier versions before.

Modul8 supports a few great FreeFrame plug-ins: bloom is a new favourite: a simple, but effective blur. Along with that, the paint + animate tools on Modul8 mean generating content has never been so easy.

Another interesting piece of software on the list of things to look into when I find more time is VDMX

I've been talking about these a lot recently. If you're not familiar with them yet and you like to make visual or audiable things with digital tools you will probably enjoy; Create Digital Music and Create Digital Motion.

Found on a VJ forum.
VJ notes from the ground:
Respect Your VJ

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Four Tet - Hilarious Movie of the 90's (Manitoba Remix)

I have a slightly irrational amount of love for this track, so I hacked together a little video for it. Just trying to get my chops in order - my editing skills are not yet awesome, but they are getting to the point where I'm almost content with the time-taken to work done balance.

Anyway I bought the track on vinyl many moons ago (when Belfast's record shops were always still worth visiting) the tune can be researched (and doubtlessly bought) if you click around here.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Not Squares + Escape Act (BEW Remixes)

BEW Zooper Remix of Not Squares track "Yeah!"
BEW Snoid Remix of Escape Act track "Everyone Got Shot"
can be heard here:

or download the mp3 files:
Not Squares - Yeah! (BEW Zooper Remix)

Escape Act - Everyone Got Shot (BEW Snoid Remix)

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Vinyl to Sample - Dumbo

Here's a crackly version of a classic story.
I can imagine that the people who own the copyright to this might be very annoyed at me sharing my worn out version (as if anyone who really wanted to buy one of their products would settle for my dodgy stereo rip) so here's a link to a place you can purchase a high fidelity copy.

In other news I was reading about a man who was being taken to court for sharing files using some P2P software. After clicking a few links, I stumbled across this. So many different points of view on the issue of sharing and rights protection. , Which is legally acceptable, which is dangerous and which highlights the need to look towards the future?

I heard on the radio recently that the use of P2P has went down and that usage of legal streaming sites (EG: spotify + has increased. I guess / hope that all those industry experts who didn't include the chance of this happening in their predictions of the future of the music industry are calming down (let's hope this pattern continues as I can't support anyone who says, "sharing is stealing") and dealing with the fact that they like the rest of us do not know what the future holds.



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