Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Not Squares, Carousel, Upcoming...

I played a show as part of the 'YEAH! Ensemble' for Not Squares for the RADAR Christmas bash. A great evening with plenty of high-quality music from Kicks Blue, Desert Hearts, Cashier No. 9, and Not Squares.

Carousel 6# - Black Box. Mon22nd Dec.

Jack Cheshire, Physadelic Folk, London
Louis Brennan, From Semaphore, London
Paul Currie, Weirdo
Geoff Gatt, Uke Legend
Pawet, Genius
Bill Campbell, Guitar
Paul McMordie, Guitar
Matt McGinn
Mark Tweedy, Trumpet
Tom Hughes, Cello
Barry Cullen, clarinet and electronics (stylophone, gakken and effects).
Patrick Lavin
Joe McGurgan. D.Bass
Conor Scullion, keys

In the pipeline are a few shows where I'll be doing videos and also a live set and a DJ set.
Jan 2nd 2009 - Menagerie
Escape Act,

Panda Kopanda,

BEW (DJ set)

Jan 10th 2009 - Menagerie
residents - T-Polar, Terry Keeley and De-Twist
BEW video

Jan 24th 2009 - The Black Box
max tundra (domino records)
crayonsmith (from dublin)
bew (dodgy stereo)

Feb 2nd 2009 - The Warehouse
Acroplane Movement 2
wAgAwAgA live (acroplane, imminent recordings)
AUTOMATIC TASTY live (acroplane, nomadic kids republic)
SITEZEN live (acroplane, thinner) - 1ST EVER LIVE SHOW
BEW live (acroplane)

I have photos and videos on my laptop from some of the above shows but it's power pack broke and the replacement hasn't arrived yet, so images: later.

Also, I've moved into a new flat and have no net access for a while, so here's a nice msuical number from TED for you to be watching.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ecker & U-Bahng 191208

This Friday the Ecker boys wil be joining the U-Bahng team in a fairly new venue in belfast called the Warehouse (on the Boucher Rd.).

Special guest for the night is Mathias Kaden.

For a taste of what the Ecker boys will play check out this mix by Terry Keeley:

1. Osborne - Our Definition of a breakdown (Feat. Ed DMX) (Spectral)
2. Daft Punk - Short Circuit (Virgin)
3. Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish (Warp)
4. Rustie - Patrick Ewing (Stuff)
5. Apparat - Holden (Modeselektor Remix) (Shitkatapult)
6. Milanese - Caramel Cognac (Planet Mu)
7. Dj Mujava - Township Funk (Warp)
8. Various Production - Lost (Actress Remix) (various Production)
9. Actress - Crushed (Werk)
10. Mr Oizo - Transexual (Ed Banger)
11. T-Polar - Starspangled (Acroplane)
12. Vlad & Ardisson - Sid Sonar (Seed)
13. Stacs of Stamina - Roll
14. Modeselektor - The Black Block (Rustie Remix)
15. Zomby - Kaliko (Hyperdub)
16. Rustie & Joker - Play Doe (Kapsize)
17. various Production - hater (Zomby Remix) (Various Production)
18. Zomby - Aquafresh (Hyperdub)
19. Millie & Andrea - Black Hammer (Daphne)
20. Scuba - Twitch (Jamie Vex'd Remix) (Hotflush)
21. Ghislain Porter - Blazin' (Modeselektor Remix)
22. Daedelus - Hrs:Mins:Secs (Ninja Tune)
23. Terry Keeley - SeeSaw
24. Kanji Kinetic - Shut up (Rag & Bone)
25. Starkey - Dark Alley (Planet Mu)
26. Kode 9 - 9 Samusai (Quarta 330 Remix) (Hyperdub)
27. Burial - Ghost Hardware (Hyperdub)
28. Actress - Again the Addiction (Werk)

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Friday, December 12, 2008

UK Music Copyright

Everyone in Dodgy Stereo has been working with music since they were teenagers. When we were young getting a record deal was a shared dream. We were trying to help each other get closer to making that dream come true. We made tapes and CDs and sold them to cover the manufacturing costs, and we gave them to friends and journalists hoping they would spread the good word.

As we all know, things have changed since then. They're still changing, and quite where they're going isn't settled. There are numerous experts (both given titles by companies and self-professed) giving their opinions and predictions. Some seem reasonable. Others, less so.

I read with some interest and concern the following articles, which relate in some form to the speech given by Feargal Sharkey a few months ago.

The comments sections provide some extra points worth considdering. This is a debate which (despite not being a REALLY important life and death issue) obviously has plenty of life in it. Let's swap information about it. Help one another to understand who is going to benefit and/or suffer from changes to the law or a lack of.

Have a look at the video ( of John webster (head of music managers forum) and Andrew Gowers (consulted in the government study). Its in part 3 at 12:05.

Here are some further links to sites which were mentioned in the articles..
UK Music - "Upfront and Ruthlessly Independant"
Featured Artists Coalition - "campaigns for the protection of performers' and musicians' rights."
A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace by John Perry Barlow.
Live Music Forum - campaign for live music
Find Your Talent - a programme giving all children five hours-a-week contact with art and creativity.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Different Flavours of Popcorn

Gershon Kingsley plays Popcorn 2007

Medieval Popcorn
This tickles me no end. I'd love to play on those instruments.

Popcorn by Hot butter on a throat
Strange. Don't try it at home in case you hurt yourself.

manualist plays hot butter- popcorn on his hands!
This man has become a bit of a legend.

Marsheaux - Popcorn
A fairly sickly sweet production. There are many versions and variations like this. Why link to something so horrid? Because the vocoder saying 'pop' and 'corn' is mildly amusing.

Impossible guitar - Popcorn unplugged
Difficult to listen to the whole way through, but kudos for playing it without frets.

A Hot Butter Popcorn Christmas
I wonder if they programmed the lights or was it a preset?

Crazy Frog - Popcorn vs Axel-F
(An award for the person who came up with the idea to do this in primary school) I know the fact that Crazy Frog is in the title should scare you away, but I think it's a rewarding watch.

Pengo - Popcorn
Bonus bleeps make this one perfect.

I Can't Believe It's Hot Butter!
It's all about the video for this one. How many Star Wars references do you see?

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Lobit Xmas

A few years ago I heard the delightful 8bit peoples christmas album. Bringing the festive bleep up to date for 2008 is another album dedicated to the West's favourite saviour.


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Friday, December 05, 2008

BEW - Queen's Radio - The Attic Session

This Monday night I'll be playing a live set live on the airwaves after being invited over to the Queen's Radio studio by Matt Hazley.

I've had a few of my things played over there in the past - I've made three extended (approx 20 - 30 mins) studio collages for him in the past, and now i'm in the neighbourhood, and will do it in person without the luxury of doing a repaitive edit if I make a mistake.


Past shows can be downloaded using these links:
BEW - Queens Radio mix II
BEW - Queens Radio mix III

If you want to listen, tune in to the following frequency:
Monday 10 - 12 PM

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Fresh Tunes

I forgot to post 'bout a remix I finished for the Shameless Hussies. They're a duo of music makers (drums and programming, I think?) who use a lot of samples of retro recordings and blend them with more modern noises of their own design. It's party music, suitable for swigging cocktails and gyrating to.

They have released three albums for you to enjoy over at I advise going over there and listening/downloading - I don't think you'll be disapointed.

My remix is not as party-tastic as their original, but I'm happy with it's groggy stomp. You can listen to it over at their myspace or BEW's.

I'm still carving away at remixes for Escape Act and Not Squares.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Creative Commons - Non-Commercial study questionnaire

Almost all dodgy stereo material (released online) is available for free download. There are links to myspace pages and in turn links to websites to download free EPs from various netlabels or at the side of this blog.

If you've used these links, you might have noticed a little logo with "cc" on it.

This is linked to the law, and how the artist wants their work to be distributed online. The basic way of looking at it is, do you want to share for free, with no or some strings attached? Is it okay for others to sample your stuff and use it in other projects?

If you're interested in this please go help the people at CC develop their licences by filling in their (admittedly long and sometimes challenging) questionaire. The future of free and legal music will be helped by your contribution.

Creative Commons License
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

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