Friday, February 27, 2009

Deaf Yet?

I heard about an experimental tone generator that was going to be used to deter young people (or "Hoodies" as the Daily Mail might have them) from hanging around and intimidating people.

It's a tone that apparantly can only be heard by people who are sensitive to high-frequencies (ie: young'uns). I found a site that hosts such a tone. I was a little scared, but I downloaded it and was pleased to hear that my hearing hasn't been totally shredded yet. I can hear it.


Train Horn

Created by Train Horn

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Audio Visual Fun

Animal Collective "My Girls" from Chad von Nau on Vimeo.As is the norm, I've been looking through the blogs and sites that usually throw up information about the latest in hard and software related to audio and video. In order to test out some of the stuff doing the rounds I think I'm going to have to invest in a MAC. Whilst I try to save up a few clams to get that sorted, I'll share some lil' treats with you.

dj tostado - who is your hoot? from DJ TOSTADO on Vimeo.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Sampling - Points of View...

On my way to a Friday night workshop I got chatting about sampling to a friend. He told me aout this clip where we can hear two music heads having a chat about how much should be paid to use samples of other peoples music.

I was hoping for a little more than that short clip, but it does raise questions instead of giving answers. (Why isn't it longer than 5 minutes?)

in my opinion one of the most useful things to take away from the clip is the link to FMC. On hitting the link I found a wealth of interesting articles which are, again, raising questions, but more importantly, trying to give answers.

There are much higher quality discussions on the subject. The above is only a crumb from the cake. The following chap talks about a some other issues that are connected.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Cashier No.9 - When Jackie Shone (video)

Pieced together using VirtualDub, Adobe Premiere and ION Ez VHS converter (plus resolume and MX10 processing).
Source material - security camera and VHS 2 PC.

Youtube link:

Please watch in high quality for improved picture and sound.

Cashier No.9

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Skibunny - Walk Don't Walk (video)

Pieced together using VirtualDub and Adobe premiere.
Source material - The Prelinger Archive.
Made in a hurry as a video for a live show.

Thanks to Creative Commons licences.

Youtube link:

Please watch in high quality to improve sound and picture.


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Field Recording - Notes From A Pro

For several years I have been on the Microsound mailing list (thanks to Christopher @ Fallt for letting me know about it). Usually reading, but occassionally submitting posts and links.

One of the people who posts regularly, which I look forward to reading, is Kim Cascone (author of the must read ((IMO)) "The Aesthetics Of Failure"). Recently he posted up a link to an interesting article ("The Grain of the Auditory Field") he penned on the subject of field recording and the problems associated with it.

For any reader unfamiliar with field recording, it is basicly recording what you hear (musicians with instruments or environmental sounds). Anywhere. You decide you want it, and record it as well as possible with whatever equipment you have close to hand. It is possible to spend thousands on fancy digital machines or just use a cassette recorder. As with all art; the rules aren't set in stone (as they might be: in mathematics, by contrast).

Some musicians have used these clips of found/everyday/event/location sounds as ambient bookends for their pieces, but it's possible to enjoy them on their own: simply by making choices about how they are edited/processed before playback, and how/where/when/to whom they are played back.

Kim has done a rather good job at putting some issues into words and making them as fun to read as poetry written by a smitten technician. One for geeks only?

If you've followed some of those links and want to do a little bit of listening to some people doing interesting things with field recordings you might click on the following:
Quiet American
Alan Lomax

Should you desire to indulge in some further reading on the topic you may find the following will deliver:
Gruenrekorder (magazine dedicated to the subject)
Field Recording UK (dedicated site)
Frieze (book review)

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Old Mixes (still sound fresh?)

Here's a link to an mp3 of Matt Hazley's show on Queen's radio I did on the 8th December last year. It contains (Approx 48 minutes in) a few demos and dub versions of tunes I was working on at the time with live synths and effects (listen to my old delay unit go into howling feedback mode).
tracklisting for the BEW part:
Not Squares - yeah (bew remix)
bew - woodblock and harpsichord
Shameless Hussies - Driven (bew remix)
Milanese - Vanilla Monkey (bew remix)
Ex-magician - Plan retrieval (bew Dub)
bew - chip 140
bew - NEScore 180
bew - Lobit Norave

If you're thinking of attending the Menagerie show (6th March '09) here's a Deadman mix for you to enjoy.
Hey-O-Hansen - Moon
South Rakkas Crew - Get Mad Again
The Flirtations - Nothing But A Heartache
Primal Scream - Revenge of the Hammond Connection
Matty G - Rockers Rmx
Toots & The Maytals - 54-46 Was My Number
Jean Jacques Perreys & Luke Vibert - Moog Acid (Jackson Rmx)
Care In The Community & Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb
Stivs feat. Tanya Stephens - It's A Pity

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BEW gigs

Quite a few (video/visual/VJ) gigs coming up - many details yet to be confirmed.
One thing is for certain though - I like this flyer a lot.

Lineup and links:
Kinnego Flux (Live)
Filaria (DJ set)
BEW (DJ set)
Deadman (DJ set)

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nice folk - Canadians do it well...

Interested in folk music much? If so, you'll probably not need to take advantage of this lovely collection of easy to download podcasts. If, however, you want to brush up on a little history, tuck in.

I came across the podcasts thanks to MeFi - how would I deal with coffee breaks were it absent?

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Dodgy As...

Stay tuned...


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Friday, February 13, 2009

Moving Pictures

I shot some video for the Cashier no.9 promo video for their next single, "When Jackie Shone".

I also played percussion and brass as part of an ensemble of improvisors, recording the soundtrack for a film made by Factotum.

In other movie news BEW will be soundtracking the flms of Jeff Keen as part of the Belfast Film Festival 2009

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Acroplane - V/A 02

A new compilation from Acroplane released this week!

This is probably the tracklisting, tho i might change it around a bit..
1. Animals on Wheels - Coping
2. wAgAwAgA - Cloudchop
3. Lackluster - Spot The Melody 4. Elite Barbarian - Still, here
5. Sitezen - Polar Regions Dub
6. Subeena - Perception
7. Blake Market - These Bowls
8. Egon Fisk - Bombshell
9. Red Box Recorder - Prototype
10. Filaria - Lurghan Park 99
11. Vertical67 - Theia
12. Startslow - ++
13. Mothboy - Endless Summer
14. Mad EP - Filth
15. Mothboy - Collared
16. BEW - Warf Dirty 09
17. Vertical67 - Splitch
18. Space Dimension Controller - I Made A Funny
19. CutOut - PlugHead
20. Vacuum System - Hermetic
21. Wahn - Last of the Baldwins
22. Koen Park - Chani Isn't 2D
23. RLVL - Fragmented Structures

The (unmastered) BEW track, "Warf (dirty 09)" can be heard in the myspace player now.

On a slightly related note I played a drone/noise set a while back. Someone mentioned it to me the other day noting, "Some people thought it was someone trying to fix the PA".

Best review of my material so far?

EDIT: released and ready for download.
Direct link to the zip file:

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

More work, less blog...

I'm currently working in several different areas. I'm teaching English again. I'm facillitating DJ workshops. Practicing and recording with Benedict LA. And preparing and playing audio and video for BEW/Dodgy Stereo gigs. I'm also holding down a full-time office job and about to start shooting a promo video for a friend's band.

In addition to this there are remixes to be finished, meetings to attend, partner's parents to accomodate, and hopefully somewhere down the line some sleep to be had and something more healthy to eat than a pot noodle.

Paul Dixon
took a few photos of some of the recent activity:

Acroplane Movement 2# - another showcase of label talent. Go.

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