Sunday, October 30, 2011

Femminielli - Atlantida

Taken from WFMU. Interesting textures. I've achieved some similar (crumier) feedback and colorization effects using a CCTV camera, VEC processors and a Panasonic mixer.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Minotaur Shock & Friends - Review 211011

My first live review in a long time was published at AU:

I think I enjoyed the show more than a lot of other people there. Here's a photo of Minotaur Shock holding a MIDI/CC controller, and looking quite relaxed:

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Caroline Pugh + Barry Cullen Improv 231011

Caroline Pugh is a vocal artist, educator, performer, curator, enthusiast. After hearing her work with Paul Stapleton and having performed together as part of the larger Carousel performance events, it was great to have a chance to work together.

Today I was reminded how much fun the voice is to use as an instrument.

Caroline hosts Belfast Singing Session in the Green Room at the Black Box every Tuesday.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Video Feedback - 11

Making - Fuzz, Amp, Timer, Bleep

Bazz Fuss (x2)

LM386 Amp (x2)
Two little amps. In addition to a power switch and jack output, the second version had a different large value capacitor - the schematic had a 220uF - I used a 470uF which resulted in fuzzier sound and an exciting and unpredictable octave drop

555 Timer

Bleep Box
A new experiment with the way the box was constructed, this circuit has battery starve which can produce all sorts of interesting wheezes.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Ariel Pink - Witch Hunt Suite for WW3

Here's a fun video for Ariel Pink - Witch Hunt Suite for WW3 put together by VHS enthusiast Animal Charm.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Paul Stapleton, Simon Rose - improv

improv @ SARC 131011
Paul Stapleton - Bonzai Sound Sculpture (BoSS)
Simon Rose - Baritone / alto sax
percussion, gong, finger piano, treatments

Paul Stapleton, Simon Rose improv 1

Paul Stapleton, Simon Rose improv 2

Paul Stapleton, Simon Rose + percussion improv 1

Paul Stapleton, Simon Rose + percussion improv 2

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eric Lyons - Noise As An Organising Principle for Music

Eric Lyons intro (I missed a bit at the start about his score/software ((Max/Masp for text based improvisation/game commands?))sorry).

Noise Quartet example 1

Noise Quartet example 2

Noise Quartet example 3

Eric Lyons - Noise As An Organising Principle for Music - Seminar, examples & questions

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DIY Noise Synth Workshop - Saturday 22nd October

DIY Noise Synth Workshop
From the DAS website:
Saturday 22nd October
12 – 5pm

In this workshop participants are shown how to build a simple 9v battery-powered synthesizer similar to the ”Atari Punk Console”. It is aimed at those interested in creative audio technology, techno, and noise. Knowledge of physics and maths is not necessary. Participants must be 18+

Workshops are free and open to the public and all equipment will be provided by the Digital Arts Studios. However there are limited places available on each workshop so early booking is recommended. To confirm your place please call the Digital Arts Studios office on

02890 312900

or email

to book your place.
*The event will take place at Catalyst Arts Gallery: Catalyst Arts

The main difference with the 9v battery noise maker to be made at this workshop and the usual APC oscillator is the IC. The APC uses a 556, makers at this workshop will use a 40106 and some extra bits if there is enough time.

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Public Information - Ear Protection 1977

Public information films can be amusing, telling us how to behave in a way that suggests common sense isn't common enough. There are many resources online: I have mentioned before, and I recently came across The National Archives, (which has a few short clips which you can download) and TV ARK.

On TV ARK I found a clip about Ear Protection from 1977. It ends with the following strong (terse?) comment:

"There's no cure for hearing damaged by industrial noise, and no sympathy either."

Tough love.

On a lighter note you can also enjoy a little POP from 1983

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Monday, October 03, 2011

Various Artists - A Gentle Introduction, Mixed by Renick Bell

Various Artists - A Gentle Introduction, Mixed by Renick Bell is a 'sampler' of the type of music you'll find at the3rd2nd.
Renick wrote: "
Sometimes I want to introduce people in a general way to what we are doing at I have never been able to comfortably say “listen to this one thing we put out, and then you will understand what we are about.” Jason and I talked about doing some mixes of the material on the site, and I think that is just what we have needed to demonstrate in a broad way where we have been. This mix is intended to be the beginning of a series of mixes presenting panoramas of the music here.

This mix remains not-quite-representative of our releases. I've deliberately chosen some of the sweeter, kinder tracks, though the audience might not find it exactly sweet or kind. Still, these tracks show all of us experimenting and improvising with electronic music in our studios with sounds which are, relative to other noises we make, gentle. Drones, glitches, noise, lots of instruments, and long hours with microphones and in front of computers are condensed into 64 minutes of what I think may be, for some, our more approachable side.

All of the tracks, with the exception of “Seed Study 05”, can be found in their original form on this site. The mix includes tracks from a majority of the releases on this site. Please download them as well to see how they fit into their respective releases.

This is a studio mix done in Ardour on a Linux computer, not a live one, but I've mostly avoided messing with the contents of the tracks themselves. I tried to mix and layer them in a way that I felt would take a listener on a journey which builds to some intensity and moves into a wide open space. It feels to me that we are concerned with transformations, so I wanted to let one track transform into the next one smoothly and naturally.

It also became clear to me when doing this mix that we are largely into making numbered sequences, right down to the name of our site. As our collective name implies changing the sequence, I hope this resequenced mix of some of our releases will serve as a gentle introduction, inviting listeners into the other works on this site.



Yuji Takeda - Day 6
YATE - Neon Time Zone
bew - Audiopaint (Aln vs Cln remix)
Renick Bell - Study 07
YATE - Arp Session 02
05 Shambolic Scattered - Transition 03
05 Shambolic Scattered - Transition 09
Renick Bell - Seed Study 05
YATE - Phase III
05 Shambolic Scattered - Transition 05
YATE - Phase III
YATE - Arp Session 02
Renick Bell - Path 3
The Third Second - Endless Cosmic Ink
Deserts of Sound - Beyond the Horizon
The Third Second - Finding Balance, Side A
05 Shambolic Scattered - Transition 06
Renick Bell - Path 2
YATE - Phase IV
The Third Second - Fortunate Realization
Deserts of Sound - Atmosphere Transference System
Yuji Takeda - Day 3
Junichi Uesugi and Renick Bell - Wondering About Selfishness
Yuji Takeda - Day 4
YATE - Phase II
Renick Bell - Path 1
Renick Bell - Complement Drone
YATE - Arp Session 03
YATE - Arp Session 02
bew - Audiopaint 03

total playtime 64:17

I think it's quite pretty sounding. There are some very loud moments and some very quiet moments.

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