Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Remixes a go-go

Recently I have been working quite hard to tie-up the many loose ends of projects that I started in the past and left stewing. This spate of activity has produced some interesting styles.

Masterbot's "96Hz" is a droning wobbler, with glitchy percussion and a slightly dubbed-up atmosphere. Lots of space and moving reverbs and echos.

Feline Dream's "Lull" is quite bouncy, disco-house drenched in sparkling synths.

Dapayk's "Holis" is dark (minimal?) electro.

The Vile Bodies' "Where's the Coffin?" is a sturdy, kicking, electroclash type affair wih gothic tinges.

Sunosis' "Leap" has been through a number of different changes in direction but the lates (which I am happiest with) is a 180bpm jungle and breaks romp. A mix of simple subs and growling bass - that hopefully balance out.
Other than these remixes (I am working on another for Dry County and one from the trip to New York where Nicky and I played with Prof. Edward Alvarado) I have just finished the hard banging "Crane Crash HW" and "Kookie Loop Dirt Step" which is a kind of hard-ragga industrial thing.

I just started a few remixes using files from Milanese. He has a stack of samples on his web-site and I just got a few packs, un-zipped and started to build. I'll post as soon as there's something to report back on.

All of the above will get put into the mix (even fragments of unfinished work) this Saturday at the Cross Club, Prague.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

acroplane v/a 01 - features bew remix

The guys over at acroplane have released a new compilation. It's so large that they've put it into two zip files. Each is well worth the download. Details...
1. neon flummoux - the questionable cat
2. ken and ryu - class of '98: old, fat, broken
3. masterbot - 96Hz (bew remix)
4. tpolar presents sidney crawford - one for the chilli earls
5. startslow - prefab shrink
6. dubreak - marcus garvey dub
7. MO75 - auto prade
8. ruairi lazers - neverending
9. blakkar noir - blakkstar4
10. brian robinson - signs forever
11. clive kells - monochrome forest
12. barry lynn - second order differential (april07 rerub)
13. susan - green line
14. atmogat - critical aspect
15. veds - 9999d.gate
16. sitezen - big boy
17. filaria - electro nik
18. vorpal - dark matters
19. mothboy - deeper down

It can be downloaded from acroplane.org in the releases section or direct from archive.org.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crane Crash HW - new tune

So I watched a short youtube video I found on fastfude.org,

One of the users (gl2200) asked who would be the first to sample it.

I decided I would try.

Load Wavelab - capture audio.
Cut out a few choice words.
Load samples into Cubase.
Turn on a drum machine - apply a few different flavours of fuzz.
Make a two note bass line with more fuzz.
Throw down a few loops at 120 bpm.
Chop them up a little, sprinkle some filters on top.
Throw an echo on sample.
Export Wav.
Use a harsh 'brickwall' style master on T-Racks.
Publish on myspace.Probably took about an hour in total.

Positive feedback on Fastfude.org.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Soph's brother Jean-Mi visited for Easter, had a quiet time in Brno, then knocked it up a notch in Prague. Excellent food. Tasty beer. A feast for the eyes and ears too.Had the pleasure to visit two interesting exhibitions, one very artistc - Orbis Pictus the other more political and historical - Museum of Communism. Orbis Pictus featured a collection of sculptural instruments and audio-visual instalations. The museum of communism was good as an introduction to the political history of the czech Republic. In addition to this we managed to view all manner of odd architecture and I snapped plenty of graffiti and stencils, and Soph snapped pretty doors and dodgy intercoms.
We managed to find the Cross club too, and spent a few hours there drinking chatting and dancing. I was looking forward to playing there. This has been upgraded to REALLY looking forward to playing there.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

BEW - prague

Gig confirmed for the Saturday the 28th April at crossclub Prague. I'm quite excited about playing a show in a new venue in a new city. This gives me the urge to finish the tunes I've been working on and testing them.

In other news the remix of Masterbot I made a few weeks back shall be included on Acroplane's compilation - available soon.

I found two old radios beside a bin today. Only tested one - it works fine, will get power sorted for the other tomorrow. The follow up to the analogue crackle of the Dark Wheeze EP can't be far away...

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

BEW - old video footage.

Spring is in the air and all feels well. Plants are popping up in the parks and birdsong is blending with the sound of children playing. I may sounds like a hippy - but it all seems rather beautiful.

What goes well with spring? spring cleaning of course. Soph uncovered a short, silent video of me playing at Les Echafoudages festival in Paris 2005 in Les Voutes. Having no 'live' sound I added the 'Darsh - On Est La (bew remix)' as it features a Parisian MC and so kinda links. I did play a version at that show.

I went to a rather excellent show in Fleda on Friday night. 'Bass Infection'. A good mix of music in two rooms.

In the small bar there was a lot of traditional reggae, skanking-a-plenty. In the large hall there was a range of hard dub and drum & bass. Heavy. Sophie sustained minor injury by moving close to the stage - some dancers were giving it stacks, and give her a slap with their elbow. Ouch. Nothing a good lie-in won't sort out though, thankfully.

BEW still working on an embarasingly over-due remix of Feline Dream's 'LULL' and a host of others...it's slow, but they're all taking shape. Really.

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