Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Shout-out to some further info on the dodgy stereo team...

Recieved a note from Tom over at this site.
A nice review, which is appreciated - especially as none of the dodgy stereo crew has been pushing the name hard at any journalists of late.

For any out there who read (care?), here's a little run down of some info that may help define what's happening/happened.

Dodgy Stereo is the name of a little collective.We were making music on our own, or in groups with lots of personnel cross-over. We put out compilation tapes, and played gigs together, practiced using a shared pool of instruments etc.

We were all based in a little village/suburb outside Belfast, and so used to be very active, but that was years ago, and the core trio now live in different cities.

Phil is Weakling and King/Queen, and Strong Like Ox. He's also been in several bands, such as Kidd Dynamo, Cecil's Flea Circus, Devious Minds, the Translucent Knees, the P.C.Bs and is presently in Dry County. Based in Dublin.

Colin is Kidd Dynamo - either a solo singer-songwriter, or playing in a band. Also one of the P.C.Bs. Based in New York.

Barry is b.e.w (barry's electric workshop). I've also played in Cecil's Flea Circus, S'gottabomb, Devious Minds, the Translucent Knees, the P.C.Bs, and the Clone Quartet. Based in Brno.
We all keep in touch with each other, occasionally giving each other a hand when recording and (re/de)mixing each others projects.

Each person is still making music, and using the dodgy stereo name. We're planning a web-site to publish free downloads of our latest discs and older demos.

I doubt a showcase is likely in the short term.
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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

dodgy stereo - more online

I requested that the Dodgy Stereo label be registered on
As a starter I have tried to upload Weakling and King's tune 'Give Me My Leg Back (b.e.w mix)' for circulation.

I did a little searching and found that b.e.w (barry's electric workshop), Dry County, Kidd Dynamo, Clone Quartet were all being played by people out and about the place. This gave me a good feeling. Lots of users out there who I don't know playing music made by the Dodgy Stereo collective, or at least by people associated with it. I decided to add some pictures and tags to the music as I could. Hopefully people will be interested and look for more Dodgy Stereo related recordings and projects.

Time to get the proper web-site up and running.
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Monday, September 04, 2006

Barry's electric workshop - Fisherman's Friend

Another weekend, another gig. Saturday evening between 9 and 10.30 a short dj set of chilled electronica in the Black Box in Belfast. The name of the evenings event was 'Fisherman's Friend'.
I was playing alongside Steven Hackett of Factotum press. A thoroughly good evening was had.

Si-cut Db and Full Swing - Octavia Drive
Christopher Willits - Evergreen
Si-cut Db and Full Swing - Cond Verge
Caribou - Cardiff
Komet Vs Bovine Life - Behind
Komet Vs Bovine Life - Kom
Caribou - the snow capes
Boxcutter - Sunshine
Dntel - fear of Corners
Buffalo Daughter - Dr Mooooog
Caribou - Sun Sesame
Stereolab - Subtropic Tanje mix
Psapp - Curuncula
Mice parade - 2 nights wave
Dntel - Fireworks
caribou - Handelschnapp
Boxcutter - Brood
Ruari Lazers - Dec 24th
Matmos - Solo Buttons for Joe Meek
Battles - Fantasy
Murcof - Mir
310 - Shadow Traffic
Icarus - Skate Glug
Efterklang - Step Aside
randomNumber - track 04
Onion Radio News - ham murderer

I recorded the set - anyone interested can mail me for a cd or really large mp3.
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