Wednesday, January 16, 2013

High Wolf / bew / Stuart Watson - 270127

Bop Yestrum Presents:

HIGH WOLF (France / Not Not Fun, Holy Mountain, The Great Pop Supplement)
+ Barry's Electric Workshop
+ Stuart Watson

Sunday 27th January 2013
The Menagerie Bar,
7pm / £5


High Wolf is the solo proposition of French psychedelic adventurer, Max, taking in a series of releases on labels such as Not Not Fun, The Great Pop Supplement , and Holy Mountain.

High Wolf's music mixes cosmic loops, fuzzy guitars, droney synths, mystic vocals and tribal percussions. He is inspired by primitive and ritual music, kosmische, minimalism, and other adventurous modern sounds.

In the same spirit as the likes of Popol Vuh and Sun Araw - High Wolf opens a mental and synaesthesic window with his equatorial electronic psychedelia.


Experimental/electronic producer Barry Cullen releases audio and video work under the name BEW (Barry’s Electric Workshop).
Part of the Dodgy Stereo collective, Barry blends noise and images from old junk with hi-fi sounds and graphics, trying to find a balance between creating something new and making it fit along with something recycled.


Stuart Watson (Moxie, Black Devil Disco, New Left Bank) debuts a set of processed guitar and electronics. Expect drones.
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Oscar Niemeyer ‘A Vida É um Sopro’ - 220113

Oscar Niemeyer ‘A Vida É um Sopro’

Tuesday 22 January Doors 6pm Adm £3 Green Room

In May 2012 the Forum for Alternative Belfast screened ‘A Vida É um Sopro’ (literally, ‘life is a blast’) as part of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, to celebrate the work of the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who at the age of 104 years was the last of the great modernist architects of his generation. Sadly, on the 5th December 2012, ten days before his 105th birthday, Oscar Niemeyer died in his native Brazil.

To acknowledge his passing, the Forum for Alternative Belfast are screening the film again on 22nd January 2013.

Venue: Black Box Belfast, Green Room
Time: 18.00pm
Tickets:£3.00 at door

Declan Hill, director of Forum for Alternative Belfast, who visited Brazil in 2009 will introduce the film.

Barry Cullen, audiovisual artist and tutor at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queens University Belfast, was in Rio when Niemeyer died. Barry will introduce and play recordings of Belfast-based artists Phil Hession and Seamus Harahan singing in a building designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

With thanks to The British Council

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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Colin Campbell + Robyn G Shiels 191212

Colin Campbell (as Kidd Dynamo) and Robyn G. Shiels have both had releases on No Dancing Records. They recently played a show together in Belfast. Here are a few photos:

A video of Colin playing:
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Carpet Showroom 291212

 There's a drum kit under that tarp - I didn't want to look.

 Peter Quinn's bass guitar; minus it's usual furry coat.

 An acoustic guitar that had a breakdown.

 Keys that probably shouldn't be plugged in ever again.

 Carbon left on the wall where the paper from a flyer had rotted away.

 Some of the things that used to make us feel comfortable: no longer.

 A rather old mixer.

 Colin Campbell's first guitar: the case was so rotten it had to be cut open with a stanley knife.

 Surprisingly clean looking toms and snare.

An old black & white CRT TV on top of a stack of solid-state Torque amps.

I recently had a chance to pay a visit to one of the first dodgy stereo laboratories. This was in the basement of a friend's garage. Several of us pooled our budget equipment and used the space night and day as a rehearsal and recording space. That was what dodgy stereo was about.

Since those days everyone has moved away from the area; the space is damp, and whatever equipment was left has decayed. The air was probably full of spores, but it was great to be there and find many reminders of the good times spent there with great people.

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