Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pressure 1st Birthday = RAVE.


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Video Bending 220311

My first experiment circuit bending a device with a video output.

It's a 6v video games console making noise from a PAL CRT TV using crocodile clips, pots and contact points.

I've tried to improve the capture quality of the picture and sound by plugging straight into my Canopus ADVC110 - but then it doesn't oscillate as it did straight to TV.

It still functions as a bent signal jammer when put through an effects generator - even over riding the wipe function with noise.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Pressure's 1st Birthday MARK ARCHER (Mark II / ex-Altern 8)

Saturday, March 26 at 9:30pm - March 27 at 2:00am
The Bunatee, Queen's University Students' Union

Pressure proudly present MARK ARCHER ex-ALTERN 8, Nexus21, Balkan Vinyl)

Mark Archer started his Production career in 1988 when along with Dean Meredith, he ventured up to the newly opened Blue Chip Studio's in his hometown of Stafford.Starting off as a hip hop/sample house group called Rhythm Mode D, they recorded a few tracks for the studio's own label before branching out with different styles including acid house and techno a...mongst others. Archer was a founder member of Bizarre inc... before starting up a new project under the name Nexus 21 as well as the side project Altern 8.
Altern 8 crashed the UK charts in 1991 with ‘Infiltrate 202’ and ‘Activ-8 (come with me)’, two chaotic slices of hardcore, the latter reaching number 3. They were aided in their chart aspirations by the circulation of fictitious press stories concerning their alleged activities, which included promoting the decongestant Vicks Vapo Rub, which, it was claimed, heightened the effects of Ecstasy; and standing as local candidates for the 1993 General Election.
Their live events were also designed as eye catching performances, where the band donned RAF chemical warfare suits and dust masks. They were aided by their resident dancers and MC MkOne, in the case of their gig at Stafford’s Bingley Hall, an actual shaman. His job was to cleanse the venue of its ‘rock n roll’, prior to performance.
Additional vinyl outings included the ‘Overload ep’ (1990), ‘Frequency’ (10,000 copies of which were on sale for a single day only and written solely by Archer), and another top ten hit, ’Evapor 8’, followed by ’Hypnotic St8’, the LP ‘Full on Mask Hysteria’ (number 10 in the LP charts).
The protagonists long maintained that this was a temporary diversion from their main project, Nexus 21, and confirmed this by releasing a ‘final’ Altern 8 single, ‘Everybody’, in June 1993.
Mark Archer has gone on to form Slo-Moshun, a duo of Archer and Danny Taurus from Stoke on Trent. They released ‘Bells of New York’, one of the biggest club hits of early 1994, breaking the main top 30 on the back of its house/hip hop undulations. However, some of the Altern 8 methodology remained – this time the scam was to trick everyone into thinking it was a US import.
Archer has gone on to record tracks as diverse as Nu Skool Breaks for Rennie Pilgrem’s label TCR, under the pseudonym ‘Mr Nex’, and remixed ‘Edzy’s’ – ‘Do it till you burn’ on Strictly Rhythm.
2007 was a return to the sound of Nexus 21 with the solo release of the 'Songs for einna EP' on the Black Dogs new label offshoot DS93, the ep sold out before it's release date and has had collectors paying big money for the sought after vinyl only release.
The EP was followed earlier this year with the release on new label Mutate of the 'Ring of Gyges EP' which follows on from the DS93 release in style.
Mark has continued to dj throught his career in various styles but mainly on the 'Oldskool' scene playing classics from the golden era of 'rave' 1988-1992.

Warm up from Pressure residents J.King / Nez / 2Bit / Messyfuture

Visuals by BEW

Doors open 9.30pm to 2am
Door tax £7 all night
Drinks promos on selected spirits and beers all night
This event is open to students and non students alike

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

BEW - Fngr Pno Lp Ech Bw Crcdl Clps - 190311

Fngr Pno Lp Ech Bw Crcdl Clps
Canon Vixia
Finger Piano
Contact Mic / Piezo + jack
Korg Kaoss Pad II
Crocodile Clips

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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Carousel - 200311

Date: Sunday 20 March
Doors 8.00PM
Adm £5.00
Venue: Black Box

improvisation in the round

Expect more beautiful improvisation and collaboration from musicians and artists drawn from Ireland, the UK and beyond!
the musicians perform in the round, with the audience at the centre.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recyclism - Physical Computing Workshop 160311

Recyclism - Physical Computing Workshop 160311
When: Wednesday 16th of March, from 10am to 5pm
Where: Hosted by Moxie Studio

This course is run by Benjamin Gaulon, a new media artist and lecturer in the National College of Art and Design (Dublin) and in the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Dun Laoghaire). Benjamin has been working for several years with programming and micro processors and teaches it for the last 5 years.


We used the software Pure Data (aka PD) and the Arduino software + hardware (the Duemilanove) plus some breadboards and our own laptops for the day. We made lights blink and we could change the speed of the blinking with a potentiometer. We made digital oscillators which we could control with the pot. We also made sample players with push button triggers. We covered what felt like an impressive amount of material, and I was tired and happy by the end. I ordered the latest Arduino board, the Uno as soon as I got home.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All Terrain VJ

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vacuum Fundraiser

After enjoying it for free for years, it's time to give something back:

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Circuit Bending Workshop & Open Jack Night 120311

Here's a fun way to spend a day. Maybe I'll see you there?
Cut 'n paste info:
Circuit Bending Workshop & Open Jack Event - 12th March
@ Catalyst Arts, 5 College Court, Belfast.

Circuit Bending: Learn how to make noise making instruments out of toys and household electronics. We will provide all the materials, you can take home a new instrument - Or stay for Open Jack in the evening and premiere your new instrument!

Limited spaces - Booking / enquiry: qubears@gmail.com

I heard an interesting distinction made between bending and hacking:

Bending is when the technology is tampered with by a novice who doesn't know what they are doing - they are exploring and finding modifications by chance.

Hacking is when technology is approached by someone with knowledge and experience, who has an idea that they would like to put into practice.

Here's a little clip of the workshop:

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Interactive Media & Environment Master Class

Next week I'm going to a 'Interactive Media & Environment Master Class' in Dublin. The promo bumpf reads well, an almost perfect day out for me! Cut 'n' paste follows:

When: Wednesday 16th of March
Where: Hosted by Moxie Studio
Lead by: Benjamin Gaulon
Bring your own laptop (Mac, Pc or Linux)

During this Master class participants will become familiar with basic hardware and software design while at the same time gaining hands-on experience making interactive art projects, digital art performances, installations, interactive events using moving images and sound.

The workshop covers the basis of Physical Computing[1] using Arduino[2] and Pure Data[3]. Participants will be able to control sound and visuals in Pure Data using a variety of Sensors (distance sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor, potentiometer, etc..). Each participant will have use of a starter kit (Arduino, bread boards, basic tools and sensors) for the day.

This initial class can be follow by groups or individual follow-up sessions to help participants complete a personal project or expand their knowledge in specific areas.

This Master Class is open to participants of different backgrounds and no programming or electronic experience is required.

It looks pretty fabulous, doesn't it? I am looking forward to it a lot and hope that it'll inspire and inform new directions for future projects and directions to spend my energy. After talking to many FLOSS / Arduino enthusiasts it's about time I got around to learning about this.

I think it's time to read that little book that's been neglected on my shelf for a few months...

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