Monday, July 16, 2012

Ensemble Economique 270712 (EDIT/UPDATE)

Unfortunately the show was cancelled at the last minute due to health issues.

Here's a recording:

This recording is a blend of three short improvisations using the tools which were selected for the show.

ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE (California / Not Not Fun Records)
+ Barry's Electric Workshop

Friday 27th July
Please note - this is an early show!
Door: 7.30pm. Show: 8pm - 9.30pm.


Ensemble Economique is the immersive psychedelic sound-world of California’s Brian Pyle. In 2010, Pyle released ‘Psychical' on Not Not Fun (home of L.A. Vampires, Peaking Lights, Sex Worker), a stand-out LP in what turned out to be a landmark year for the label.

In true horror soundtrack style, Pyle's work hones in on tense build-ups to create an atmospheric and sometimes unnerving listen.
It's intricate, pattering percussion and noxious analogue ooze invite comparison with Sun Araw, Shackleton and Demdike Stare while charting the dark continent existing only in Pyle’s fevered imagination.

On Psychical: "…this is one of the darkest and most affecting sides of schlock horror we've heard all year." Boomkat
On Motion Forever EP: "The reliably excellent Ensemble Economique strikes out into deeper, more mournful territory than ever before, with seriously compelling results" FACT Magazine



Experimental/electronic producer Barry Cullen releases audio and video work under the name BEW (Barry’s Electric Workshop).
Part of the Dodgy Stereo collective, Barry blends noise and images from old junk with hi-fi sounds and graphics, trying to find a balance between creating something new and making it fit along with something recycled.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hammock District - Sorcha Song (video)

Shot, edited and published from a phone.
Audio software - nanostudio.
Video software - splice.
Through the viewfinder fun.

The full release can be streamed/downloaded here for FREE.

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Subfusc - Acoustic Placemat - Amplitude Recognition

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Scan VLC Comp 1

AV collage from the vaults:

Image files were taken from VHS scans and screen grabs.
Audio files were taken from a variety of field recordings.

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