Thursday, May 31, 2012

bew - Latin Vinyl Mix

Understanding Latin Rhythms Vol. II - Introduction
Os Ritmistas Brasileiros - Samba 1 Andamento
Jack Parnell & His Orchestra - One Note Samba
Jorge Ben - Comanche
Tamba 4 - Samba Blim
Jack Parnell & His Orchestra - Viramundo
Ethel Smith - Tico Tico
Marga Benitez - Wino's On Parade
Carmen Cavallaro - Voodoo Moon
Carlos 'Patato' Valdez - Canto A Chango
Jose Mangual & Carlos 'Patato' Valdez - Mambo
Carlos 'Patato' Valdez - Como Suena Mi Son
Jose Mangual & Carlos 'Patato' Valdez - Son Montuno
Os Ipanimas - Icarai
Maria Bethania - Ye-Mele
Elis Regina - Tereza Sabe Sambar
Edu Lobo - Ponteio
Os Ritmistas Brasileiros - side track 6
Understanding Latin Rhythms Vol. II - last track

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Hannah Montana Toy Guts Exploration Edited

Before turning on a soldering iron and committing to a bend on a circuit, it's fun to explore.

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ARC - Allen, Rayson, Cullen - Video Extracts

Some samples from our live sets at listen...

Clips one and two are rocky, clips three and four are more abstract:

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bew - Promo cassette tape 2010 Side A - Demos Various 2009-10

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Fifteen Minute Theatre Festival 09/100512

Official blurb:
Ten local companies including Accidental Theatre, Wireless Mystery Theatre, Kabosh, Tinderbox and Fishambles perform new fifteen minute plays over two nights. Five plays are performed each evening.

Unofficial spin:
Theatre in the dark.
Acting. Voices. Foley. Music. Etc.


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Rachel Austin 060512

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

CQAF Records: live recording with Rachel Austin feat special guests 060512

Date: Sunday 6 May 2012
Venue: Ollie's at The Merchant Hotel, Belfast
Time: 8 - 10 pm

Promo blurb:
What do you get when you crash Rachel's indie folk self-stylings with a noisemaker, a trumpet player, and an unhinged rhythm section?

Join Rachel as she records a live set with several of Belfast's most exciting musicians, including Barry Cullen (clarinet, electronics), Michael Barkley (trumpet), Anthony Devenney (bass), and others, in a one-off, spontaneously improvised gig.

Read on - and buy your tickets at Tickets are limited to 75.


Calling to mind comparisons with the restless creative spirit of Nick Cave, Rachel Austin’s songwriting rarely comes at the listener from the obvious perspective, by turns beguiling and cajoling its way into the heart. The words are timeless, but the delivery is completely captivating, recalling the swooping melodies of Tim Buckley at his best.

Comparisons can only take you so far, however, as Rachel possesses a stark and creative outlook that is all her own. This is evidenced through her recent fan-funded project, Austin In Austin, which saw her record in Austin Texas with producer Brian Beattie (Daniel Johnston, Okkervil River) and drummer Dony Wynn (Robert Palmer, Robert Plant/Patty Griffin) in November of last year.

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