Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vinyl to Sample - Das Lied Im Grunen - Volkslieder Aus Deutschland

Here's another warped and wonderful flexi-disc of German folk music.
Look at the cover art; beautiful, isn't it?

The music is equally splendid.


18.2 MB

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Vinyl to Sample - Instruments of the Orchestra

This is a fun piece of history. Well-recorded audio with fantastic graphics of the period.
In my opinion it's a real joy to look at and to listen to.
I apologise for not taking the time to crop all the images scanned from the multi-page inlay, which is worth the download alone.

If you are interested in remixing; finding this is the sort of material could make your day after a few hours digging through crates of dusty vinyl (especially if you've been through many of the local charity shops I frequent which seem to have more Cliff Richard, Harry Secombe, and Charlie Pride than any wise record shop would ever stock.)



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Thursday, July 16, 2009

FM Belfast + BEW (+friends) 160709

I knocked together a flyer for tonight's show.
Come along.

For the past two years, intrepid Belfast SxSW explorers would return to their mother land, regaling friends and family with tales of a band named after their native township, FM Belfast. Word spread and their indie pop sensibilities were heard from stereo to stereo across the land. Until one day, in a stroke of genius (and possible financial ruin), a burgeoning arts festival brought them to the good city, while the sun was setting on a summer’s evening, for all the people to hear. And the people heard and they liked and they moved their feet in time and felt a gladness in their hearts.
FM Belfast have just completed their debut album, how to make friends, and are firmly established as one of Iceland’s premier live shows, playing the closing set at that 2007’s Airwaves festival. Onstage, FM Belfast’s membership varies from 3 to 8 players (including 2 cowbells) depending on who can make it.

This year, the group hit the road playing festivals in Norway (By:Larm), Portugal (Casa Da Musika), and the U.S. (SxSW). The Austin Chronicle listed them as one of the bands to watch at SxSW and the Denver Post named them one of the top 10 new finds at SxSW. Spin Magazine caught on and made them Artist Of The Day on the first day of Spring.

Don’t miss this chance to catch FM Belfast playing in the Waterfront Penthouse Bar, overlooking the entire city. They will be supported Belfast’s ablest electronic experimenter, Barry’s Electric Workshop.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

East Belfast Residents - 240609

East Belfast.

I have some noisy neighbours. I recorded them.
It is very revealing.

DOWNLOAD the mp3 of my neighbours.

Upsetting part:
3.06 - Packy Blackmore. Fuckin'. It's full of packies, blacks and chinks...

Noise pollution/comedy/bloody typical part:
4.30 - BALLBAG!

I'm moving to a new place soon.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Vinyl to Sample - Lied Und Land

Lied Und Land - Volkslieder Aud Deutschland is a collection of German folk songs ripped from flexi disc.

This little disc was warped when I got it, but I think the distortion adds an interesting wonky dimension to the sound.

One person has noted that listening to this kind of music increases the desire for cold beer. Enjoy the crackly goodness.


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