Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Workshop for beginners.
Build an individualised fuzz circuit in four hours
Learn basic soldering.
No knowledge of physics is required.

Saturday 30 Jun 2012
1.00PM - 5.00PM

Upstairs workshop behind the big grey doors.
1b Jameson Street, Belfast
(Beside Kurl Up & Dye hairdressers, across from the Errigle Inn on the Ormeau Road)

To book a place contact -

Places limited to four per session.
Cost - £35 or £40 with an aluminium box

You will have a functional 9v battery powered fuzz circuit with control knob, jack sockets, and stomp switch. Enclosure optional.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hammock District - For Marcel

Pyjama pop for babies.
A new collection of tracks from the Hammock District.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Eomac - Eomac EP

Eomac EP

After listening to the teasers of the latest release from Dublin-based Eomac the full release is now on regular rotation. A range of clean and dirty sounds from the digital and analogue realms of sound draw the listener in; old school rave bleeps play a pattern over twisting crackles, as filtered drums fill up space in the groove. Rolling along with occasional woozy samples and dub motifs, it is an infectious shuffle that works a fresh take on garage by keeping a raw edge to the sounds.

Second track 'Drumutic' is more of a heavy swinging number. The sound set stays in the same dirty territory, but with more of a grime feel. 'Slide FX' starts with a bouncing beat and swirling reverb sounds before the arpeggios worm their way into the mix, rising up and crumbling over it all.

'It's Nice To Be Where Nobody Is' taps into a dark tapestry of dreamy tones to make a haunting downbeat piece which drifts at a much different pace to the other tracks, but it works well in the tracklisting which helps the release as a complete listening experience.

Final track 'The Feeling' gets tougher with a clipped kick gating overdriven pads to make for a thumping outro, that will doubtlessly do damage on a big soundsystem.

Overall this is a pumping release, with tight drum patterns, dirty synths, and healthy helpings of skewed 2-step throughout. Modern electronica for feet and head.

FOR FANS OF: Aphex, Zomby,

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Sunday, June 03, 2012

bew - Jazz Vinyl Mix 1 030612

bew - North Coast Summer Fun Mix