Sunday, January 27, 2008

Break 4 Beats

This Friday: another Break 4 Beats party at Fleda.

The line-up is as follows:

Main stage DJs:
Friction (Shogun Audio / UK) + SP:MC (Emcee Recordings / UK)
Syncopix (Hospital Records / DE)
Kyanid (Dvoika Troika)
Sayko (Dvoika Troika)
Blulajta (Redrum)
Thiew (Breakart)

Breakmatch bar stage DJs:
Mystique (Redrum)
Kotlyk (Pohon crew)
Marcco (Breakbrno)
Yak (Breakbrno)


Doors open at 9pm
Tax: 190-230Kc

Here's a little clip showing some of my visuals and some of the quality rythmns and synths you might expect at one of these shin-digs.
Mr. Bailey

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Radial Nerve - 'Rain'

Colin Campbell has been writing sonds and playing guitar for years in many different guises, sometimes on his own and often with groups of talented musicians.

(Past ensembles have included: the PCBs, Kidd Dynamo, The See Thru 3)

He is currently working with a group called Radial Nerve. They're recording an LP for Retone Records and a video of one of their songs can be found here:

MP3's can be downloaded from the Label site, here:

Other tunes can be streamed, here:

Colin is one of the original members of the Dodgy Stereo collective.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Fanfare Ciocarlia Reps

Oh dear. I've been asked to take down the video clips from the gig. I would have thought these would be considered promotional material for the band. They contain some audio-visual material that I didn't ask permission to circulate though so i'll do as I've been asked.

I've been given to the 25th - so enjoy them for another week, after which they will be gone.

It's not a great position to be in but then I guess I can thank Phil Stanford
legal affairs / Asphalt Tango Records GmbH for being polite about it.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fanfare Ciocărlia 150108

I managed to get into the incredibly packed Fleda last night to see Fanfare Ciocărlia .
I was a bit late - the show started at 8 and I didn't get out of work until 8.30.
I was happy to join in the squeeze as people without tickets were being turned away at the doors.

The big room in the venue was jammed. The air; hot and full of dancing arms and wicked music. At first I could barely see a thing unless I was pogoing or standing on tiptoes. The music was so good that I didn't think of this as a problem.

Then the band stopped playing and walked off stage for a break. I managed to get a lot closer to the stage and waited. When they came back on the room went wild; screams, whistles, waving etc. They blasted out their string-free melodies one after another in a military fashion; bang, bang, bang. A barage of balkan brass.

When they finished their second set and encores the crowd started to flood the small bar. I was there trying to cool down after the dance-a-thon when a door opened beside me and the band stroll past, procession style, parping and honking.

Music city. I had to admire their energy. Non-stop.

Other videos are being uploaded to the dodgystereo youtube account.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Netlabel resource have been asking the worlds best netlabels to do a mix of tunes from their catalogue.

"Regular monographic showcase exclusive mixes of some of the most notable and innovating netlabels. Nobody in the netlabel sphere knows its releases better than who has given birth to them, and also, who has established its quality standards and infrastructure to publish it to the audience. Also nobody better than who is behind the netlabels, its managers or collaborators, could make a more representative sample of the philosophy of them. This is why ive asked each of the selected netlabels to manufacture an exclusive mix to showcase their published (or not) works."

So, heres the Acroplane one.

1. masterbot - 96Hz (bew remix)
2. herv - aoibheann
3. t-polar - pygmy 3
4. mothboy - aliens
5. ken & ryu - class of ‘98; old fat broken
6. dubreak - typhoon for two
7. bluebottle farm - dastorytion in 4/4
8. brian robinson - petal n
9. neon flummoux - the questionable cat
10. the last sound - rest in space
11. mothboy - deeper down
12. filaria - electro nik
13. mothboy - fight song
14. eN - bass jam (live)
15. brian robinson - pond

61:14, 224kb/s mp3, 98MB

Get it here.

All the above taken from

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