Friday, May 03, 2013

Andrew Cooke Exhibition + ARC Performance 040513

Ceramic artist Andrew Cooke has invited ARC (Allen, Rayson, Cullen) to perform on his musical instruments at his latest exhibition in The Loft Gallery, Portaferry on Saturday 4 May 2013.

Andrew makes instruments from ceramic and found materials: gourds, diddley bows, harp etc. ARC will perform a number of short improvisations

04 May - 26 May: 'Musical Mud' an exhibition by ceramicist Andrew Cooke. ‘Since mankind discovered the metamorphosis of soft clay into a hard ceramic material, we have been making instruments from clay. I would love to be able to play music; I have tried but failed. I thus make ceramic instruments; it is my response to the frustrated musician inside Andrew Cooke.’ Call out to all musicians - this Exhibition will encourage interaction between the maker of objects and the maker of music. If you are a musician feel free to come and jam on the instruments! If you are willing then make a video of yourself and send it through to Andrew Cooke to be made into a video collage of musical mayhem by local film maker Rik Peel.

Andrew Cooke is on Facebook.

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