Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Going for the hard sell - Dodgy Stereo adverts...

I found a site that generates slogans for you. Well it actually just takes the words you type in and uses them instead of some other established brand, so it does what it says in the tin...but the results aren't as dazzling and original as you might hope...

Can You Tell Dodgy Stereo From Butter?

Don't Leave Home Without Dodgy Stereo.

Dodgy Stereo - It Does a Body Good.

Come See the Softer Side of Dodgy Stereo.

All of this sprang from looking at other peoples ads. I've been offered a show at Fleda. Thursday 16th Nov. Which I think is before a national holiday here. Which means a gig to kick off an extended weekend. Nice.

Better get a set together then.
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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Barry in Bratislava

Went for a little trip out to Bratislava yesterday. It felt good to get out of bed early in the morning and get busy preparing for a short trip across the border for a little change of scenery.

soph and i travelled by bus, and it took just under two hours. We made a bee-line for the old town as soon as we arrived. We hadn't done much (any) research at all, and were happy to find that there was plenty to stare and glare at. The camera was used a lot, as were our legs.

We found a number of good watering holes to rest at between jaunts up and down hills. The stencil grafitti colection has expanded. And there was even a bit of live music at the end of the evening (we went just because the keyboard player had a fantastic beard). Cover music, glorified karaoke, whatever. we drank strong drink and had warm chatter.

There was a castle etc. as you would expect from an european capital city, but inside the walls we found a little museum of music which was noted as being full of whistles, drums and other instruments. It wasn't. it did have some interesting information about the printing industry and the church(es) and their link to music history. Not a bad way to while away an hour.

It's quite a small place - but there were lots of adverts for different live concerts and clubs. From a Jay-z gig to a New-Wave club to techno making and poetry workshops; colourful flyers informed us that it was a pretty happening city.

A place that looks like it's still in the process of transforming itself.

Goodtimes were had.
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Itch My HaHaHa

Checked out a club called Fleda last Friday.
Itch My HaHaHa

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Barry's electric workshop - update.

Recent new projects underway.
Dry County have given b.e.w some material from their new album. I've been making some extra string parts, drum patterns, and odd rythmic hissing. If they give it the go ahead, these parts may be used on their track ('Take The Stairs') on their new album.

The Vile Bodies have also sent some material. They gave me their track 'But Where's The Coffin?'. So far it has become a dark electro stomp. Echos and rumbles are yet to be added.

Queen's Radio (Belfast University station) have asked for another mix of 20 - 30 minutes of fresh material. This has been started, featuring a tight 140 bpm skip-step rythmn and some samples from an old record 'Behind The Scenes At A Recording Studio'.

Corruptive Records sent a disk with the tracks for The Feline Dream's 'Lull'. It's yet to be fed to the machine as it's just arrived.

The label Dodgy Stereo has been registered on Last.fm. I am sure the track I uploaded can be heard - have a listen if you fancy.
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