Monday, June 23, 2008

Illegal Picnic 200608

Fun times in a field. Some of these photos are mine - others were taken by Tina Big thanks to the Diston crew. They know how to which I also mean make a messy noise!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

In Circulation...

A BEW remix of Ex-Magician's "Plan Retrieval" finished. You can hear it on his player.

Another BEW remix of Soviet Kings should be ready soon...

BEW gigs on the horizon: plenty of freebies, thanks to Diston and their difficult & fun to find picnics. Also the Belfast Trans festival have booked me to play alongside RL/VL and Skibunny. Should be fun.

Set list for the dj set at a friend's BBQ...

Add N to (X) - Metal Fingers in My Body
Aphex Twin - Acrid Avid Jam Shred
Piano Overlord - You Stole My Stereo Outro (Fuck You For Fucking)
I Changed My Mind - Quannuum Feat. Lyrics Born
One Note Samba (Surfboard) - Stereolab
Fade Out - King Tubby
Electric Rainbow - DJ Elephant Power
Comets - Fridge
Metro Sound - Blue States (Four Tet remix)
Mote - Sonic Youth
Woodcat - Tunng
Feel Good - Jamie Lidell (BEW remix)
Pop Shots - Ol Dirty
Vatstep DSP - Hrvatski
Under Me Slang Teng - Wayne Smith
Sexx Laws - Beck (Malibou Mix)
The Model - Zoot Woman
Little Eyes - Yo La Tengo
Sponsorships - Les Georges Lenningrad
Rodeo - Les Savy Fav
Thou SHalt Always Kill - Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip (Kinfehandchop remix)
Scatterbrain - Radiohead (Four Tet remix)
Scenic World - Beirut
Baby Cakes - Intro - Brad Neely
French Disko - Stereolab
Drive - Bobby Mc>Ferrin
Silence - Portishead
Get a Move On - Mr Scruff
Street Lullaby - Two Banks of Four (Four Tet remix)
Alloy Mental - Alloy Mental (Si Begg remix)
Freq-a-zoid - Freq-a-zoid
77 and rising - Fisk Industries
Bombardment of Saturn - Vex'd
Iron Man - Armour
The Judgement - Benga and Skream
Gave Dub - Boxcutter
Fuck Shit Up - Dub Narcotic Soundsystem
You Got Me Up - Jamie Lidell
Vicious - Lou Reed
Ysbeidiau Heulog - SFA
Era Vulgaris - QOTSA
Soviet Kings - Wiggle (BEW remix)
The Crystal Cat - Dan Deacon

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Getachew Mekuria & The Ex 080608

I've been really busy of late so the order of the events I've attended and the reports on here are not matching up in the way I'd like them to, but that's no problem as there are probably no readers anyway.

So, I've been to a traditional Czech wedding (congratulations to Maria and Jirka) with all the dulcimer fun that entails.

There were numerous goodbye sessions. Cheerio to all the good people I've met and worked with in and around Brno.

Jean-Mi bought Sophie and I tickets to go and see Getachew Mekuria & The Ex in a new venue called 6 par 4 in Laval (between Rennes and Le Mans) and we had a great time. Non-stop dancing all the way through.

The end result was a crowd of wobbly-kneed people with huge grins on their faces.

The first video I shot was a lot more steady in comparrison to the others, which got more shakey as the evening went on and the dancing became more wild. The videos on my youtube account were all compressed with VirtualDub using the DivX codec, the audio was left in it's original mono state.

High life in Laval.

In other news I've been working on a remix for Ex-Magician (the wonderful track 'Plan Retrieval') and another more poppy remix for Soviet Kings (the indie whisper of 'wiggle'). I've just taken on another from Rudeboy Ridd'em, I can't wait to get started. Some sub bass and twitching static ahead.

The guys on the 'Feed Me Weird Things' show played one of the tracks from the BEW - Dubs EP. I missed it initially, but they put the whole session up for download. If you want to know more try visiting flirtfm, or their myspace.

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