Thursday, April 30, 2009

Neanderthal Electronics with Derek Holzer

Neanderthal Electronics was the title of the week long workshops I recently attended at Digital Arts Studios. Our tutor was Derek Holzer an American artist/musician based in berlin who is touring his tutorial showing people like me (IE: mathematics and physics failures) how to make analogue synths from scratch using simple, cheap and easy to source electronic components.

The end result is a cigar box with knobs and switches and an 'acoustic laptop', both of which shall be used in the upcoming show with Mi Ami and Glissando along with some other bonus material that hasn't been heard before.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Cashier No. 9 - When Jackie Shone

From the Cashier No.9 myspace:

"Join Cashier No.9 as they launch their 2nd single 'When Jackie Shone' on Only Gone Records with two live sets. First up will be an acoustic set at Backbeat Records in The Haymarket arcade off Royal Avenue with support from 68 Zeros at 2pm

This will be followed by an full electric set in The Menagerie with support from Barrys Electric Workshop and New Left Bank DJs.

this saturday 25th april"

The BEW set I hav planned will include a smattering of popular song, a large amount of electric reggae, plus the usual shards of noise.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Electronic Improvisation Night

Live Electronic Improvisation with

Aln vs Cln


Doctor Lilt

Doors 7pm

The forth and final show as part of the "4 FLAVOURS OF DOCTOR LILT" showcase is nearly upon us and it promises to be a cracker!

This show will feature live sets from some of Belfast's top electronic musicians, performing free improvisation with various sound sources and electronics. Everything from processed extended vocal techniques, to screeches and bursts of unrelenting noise, to massive ambient soundscapes. Your ears won't know how to thank you!


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cross - Examination by Josh Weinstein

See more videos at

The above video is a diamond in the rough.

Taken from (Warning: that site contains some extreme examples of why art, artists and anyone involved in creative work have a bad reputation IE: irritating party animals with ego problems)

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

BEW - Jeff Keen Soundtrack

DOWNLOAD the mix
NB: the mp3 is an edited version - approx 60 mins

Rough track listing:
dj trio (Christian Marclay and friends) - paris
capitol k - heat
gongs vs bew - peace
rothko - untitled
fats waller - frac fingering
rahasaan roland kirk - ain't no sun
nabakasa takemura - side b no 2
stanley lieber - afterklarung
moondog - viking of
pascals - talking dog fields
moogey men cometh - appologies mr rossini
harry partsch - untitled
john cage - prepared piano 3
bbc sounds - hover craft
fridge - comets
nurse with wound - cruisin for a bruisin
yo yo ma + bobby mc ferrin - air
voices - story time
cage and sun ra - conversation (from
earle brown (played by max neuhaus)
doves - where we're calling from (hebden bridge mix)
four tet - hilarious movie of the 90s (manitoba mix)
pigface - tapeworm
howling hex - pair up black mass with
fog - untitled

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Images: Various

Aln Vs Cln - Chris' setup.

Residual Effect, Black Box, Belfast

Hand of God, Black Box, Belfast.

Dr Lilt at the Ulster Hall, belfast

King-sized BETA video tape - BEW soundtracking the films of Jeff Keen, The Menagerie, Belfast.

Gráinne Maher - getting ready for the performance of "For Anna", Ulster Hall, Belfast.

Animal Collective in the Stiff Kitten, Belfast.

Musicians from Homely Planet play at Crumlin Rd jail.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tone Matrix and friends