Monday, March 30, 2009

Film by Jeff Keen, Sounds by Barry Cullen.

A reminder.

Thanks to all who attended the Lunchtime Recital in the group theatre the other day. It felt like quite a special performance.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

For Anna

Lunchtime Recitals | 27 Mar 09 | 1.10pm | Ulster Hall | Free

Barry Cullen - PC, guitar and electronics
Gráinne Maher - Voice
Ciarán Maher - Mac and piano

"For Anna"

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Joseph Beuys - Sonne Statt Reagan (1982)

The name Joseph Bueys would occassionally pop in in conversation when I attended art college. More often than not, when I heard names being bandied around by others with some reverence in their reference, I would jot the name down and do a little reading at a later point (how many hopped up trips to the library did I make in my first year?)

Anything I read about him disapointed a bit, it didn't set my mind on fire in the way I hoped it would, such was the level of admiration for the man's words and work. Do't get me wrong; I found his work interesting, but I still don't feel it justifies the giddy fanboy gushing that some of my colleagues indulged in. Maybe I just don't get it.

I hope if any of my old peers read this they enjoy this Beuys oddity from Ubu.

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Monday, March 23, 2009


Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Here's a bit of blurb taken from the press for this year's Belfast Film Festival.

"Jeff Keen’s work exemplifies the legendary Brighton-based experimental
filmmaker’s weird, wonderful and most surreally British take on Pop

Keen has been making films since 1960, often on the amateur gauges of
16mm, Super8 and video. His films are fuelled by an anarchic plundering
of themes and motifs from popular culture, combining comic books and
b-movies with his family and friends.

In this programme Films like Marvo Movie, Mad Love and others look like
post-apocalyptic home movies and point to the sublime subversion of
Jack Smith and Kenneth Anger, to Keen’s experiences in WW2 and to the
trashy pop culture of B movies and comics.

Keen’s films will be soundscaped and soundtracked by Barry Cullen of Dodgy Stereo, Barry’s Electric Workshop fame."

This show will be played live in parts and soundtracked with records from the following:
Max Neuhaus, John Cage, Harry Partch, Múm, Christian Marclay, Stanley Lieber, The Gun Club, DJ Elephant Power, Scratch Pet Land, Nico Uské, Chinese Child Songs, Jane Fonda, Peter Raveen.

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Alias Empire

Alias Empire were previously known as Dry County. Their name change was announced a while back and I didn't mention it, but now they've launched a full website with a login feature which allows you to download a free EP of remixes by the band and some other noise makers.

Alias Empire - Another Idea (Philth and Seki Remix)
Alias Empire - Attention (Klass of 83 Remix)
Cars In Walls feat. Nina Hynes - Coffee Cup (AEmix)
Alias Empire - Delayed By 5 (Back Forwards Remix by Nina Hynes)
Alias Empire - Delayed By 5 (Indefinately AEmix)
Messiah J and the Expert - The Boys Have Had Enough (AEmix)

Whilst you're downloading the Zip file of tunes you can spend some time plaing their version of arcade classic 'Space Invaders' - 'Empire Invaders'.

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