Tuesday, June 04, 2013

'You Are Not Listening', Never Records 080613

Cinemandala brings you the Belfast screening of Never Records 'You are not Listening', a straight to vinyl music project and international record shop by New York based artist Ted Riederer, as it happened in Derry, curated by Theo Sims and filmed by Jason Wyche.

Among the many artists who adorned Ted's spectral turntable with their noises, Stu Downes, Mark Garry, Phil Hession and Barry Cullen will follow the film with live music. And those that haven't yet, Robyn G. Shiels.. and with order, the house.

Ted and Jason will be in the house and happy to talk NEVER RECORDS..
Entry is free. Pints for the performers are discretionary.


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IMPRINT Presents: The Host (Planet Mu) Live Set 070613

IMPRINT Presents:
THE HOST (live)
+ Visuals by B.E.W

Friday 7th June 2013
The Menagerie

For the next IMPRINT showcase, we have an absolute cracker for you all.

Planet Mu's The Host will be emerging for a unique, live performance of cosmic sounds at The Menagerie on Friday 7th June.

Known in the real world as Barry Lynn, The Host works in a spacey interzone, using vintage gear to create dramatic panoramas for the open mind. He works with a unique suite of modern sonics that tumble and waft in and out of the mix, earthed with strong melodies that take inspiration from net-age genres while putting an entirely different spin on them.

This is a rare opportunity to catch The Host live and surrounded by real hardware so strap on your moon boots and join us for an evening of shimmering psychedelia.

In preparation here's the latest IMPRINT podcast featuring Barry Lynn in The Host mode.

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Sunday, June 02, 2013

EH Switchblade to Harmonic Jerkulator (Redux)

A request for interesting fuzz pedals on an online forum made me suggest a number of circuits. The Harmonic Jerkulator was chosen. I took a commission and built a version of Tim Escobedo's circuit (with silicon transistors and no clipping diodes) into an EH Switchblade pedal. I think it was a success, from treble boost to chunky, gated-fuzz.

It's not going to make all guitarists sound like Steve Albini, but it has a character unlike many other fuzzes and overdrives that is fun to play. I was not trying to recreate the original Harmonic Percolator (by Interfax), but to make a pedal which could give a range of tones that would have impact when used live, and would deliver useful shelving (without needing to use extra EQ) when used in a studio.

It creates plenty of hiss and rumble, and even had traces of radio ghost voices in some settings; It does a great job of distorting that is not done by digital plug-ins.

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