Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crane Crash HW - new tune

So I watched a short youtube video I found on fastfude.org,

One of the users (gl2200) asked who would be the first to sample it.

I decided I would try.

Load Wavelab - capture audio.
Cut out a few choice words.
Load samples into Cubase.
Turn on a drum machine - apply a few different flavours of fuzz.
Make a two note bass line with more fuzz.
Throw down a few loops at 120 bpm.
Chop them up a little, sprinkle some filters on top.
Throw an echo on sample.
Export Wav.
Use a harsh 'brickwall' style master on T-Racks.
Publish on myspace.Probably took about an hour in total.

Positive feedback on Fastfude.org.


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