Monday, June 29, 2009

Vinyl to Sample - Stylophone

I've decided to share some old chunks of vinyl. I've put up links to ZIPs containing the mp3 files and scans. Hopefully you'll get a few minutes enjoyment listening to this material. If you feel inspired and use it in a remix, let me hear it.

I imagine the inclusion of Rolf Harris on track one should make this worth the download for most people. However if you've got a soft spot for old fashioned organs you might give the tracks from side 2 a play too. Nothing like playing Christmas carols in the office to ensure your co-workers get about their jobs with smiles on their faces, eh?

A few things to bear in mind: These are old discs from charity shops, not mint condition collectors items, you're getting them for free, and this is the dodgy stereo blog, so don't complain about sound quality.


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