Thursday, June 14, 2007


Masterbot96Hz (bew remix)
I met with Nicky Keogh to give him copies of the recordings I made using his synths and soundsystem in New York a few months ago. I then find out that the system is being exhibited at the new Golden Thread Gallery and that he'd like me to perform a bit at the opening night on Friday the 15th June.

This will act as a kind of warm-up for this Sunday's gig at the Pavilion Bar backing up the Birds of Delay and TOYMONGER.
I'm planning a short show of three movements for Sunday:
Drone noise improvisation.
Reedy melodic moment.
Harsh electronic bass with beats.

People have asked for a re-post of the 'Adam Pharoh' tune so here it is again.
I think it should be available for download from the noclarity blog soon too.

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