Thursday, July 08, 2010

Trans - Summer BASE

Trans is on again. YAY!

I'll be doing a couple of things that you might enjoy.
Ecker + guest Submerse - last show at the Menagerie before it stops doing live shows and club nights,
I'll be doing visuals at the end of the night, before that though, you can hear me performing a set of popular rhythms at Trans:mission at the Crescent Arts Centre. I'll also be on BBC Radio Ulster 92-95 FM, 1341 MW) doing a live session to promote the show.

I've made some promo cassette tapes as 'merch'. There are two mixes; side a - demos from 2009/2010, and side b - remixes from my archives.
Once/if they've sold out, I'll post mp3's of the mixes.

I'll be doing visulas at Pressure's Oneman show too - expect lots of tight digital lines and some primitive live camera work from me and a heap of tasy rhythms and bass from the residents and guest.

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