Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Not Squares, Carousel, Upcoming...

I played a show as part of the 'YEAH! Ensemble' for Not Squares for the RADAR Christmas bash. A great evening with plenty of high-quality music from Kicks Blue, Desert Hearts, Cashier No. 9, and Not Squares.

Carousel 6# - Black Box. Mon22nd Dec.

Jack Cheshire, Physadelic Folk, London
Louis Brennan, From Semaphore, London
Paul Currie, Weirdo
Geoff Gatt, Uke Legend
Pawet, Genius
Bill Campbell, Guitar
Paul McMordie, Guitar
Matt McGinn
Mark Tweedy, Trumpet
Tom Hughes, Cello
Barry Cullen, clarinet and electronics (stylophone, gakken and effects).
Patrick Lavin
Joe McGurgan. D.Bass
Conor Scullion, keys

In the pipeline are a few shows where I'll be doing videos and also a live set and a DJ set.
Jan 2nd 2009 - Menagerie
Escape Act,

Panda Kopanda,

BEW (DJ set)

Jan 10th 2009 - Menagerie
residents - T-Polar, Terry Keeley and De-Twist
BEW video

Jan 24th 2009 - The Black Box
max tundra (domino records)
crayonsmith (from dublin)
bew (dodgy stereo)

Feb 2nd 2009 - The Warehouse
Acroplane Movement 2
wAgAwAgA live (acroplane, imminent recordings)
AUTOMATIC TASTY live (acroplane, nomadic kids republic)
SITEZEN live (acroplane, thinner) - 1ST EVER LIVE SHOW
BEW live (acroplane)

I have photos and videos on my laptop from some of the above shows but it's power pack broke and the replacement hasn't arrived yet, so images: later.

Also, I've moved into a new flat and have no net access for a while, so here's a nice msuical number from TED for you to be watching.

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