Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February Update - dodgy stereo music + gig stuff...

Last week I had some time off from the day job. I spent my time working on video clips taken from the prelinger archives. Great material.

I also managed to get out of the house and went on a few inspiring day trips. It's good to have the time and freedom to be able to go on a nice long walk and get away from the same surroundings once in a while.

I also got plenty of work done on several projects that have needed loose ends tied up. The Audiobulb project isn't finished yet, but working on it produced a new track for the Dubs EP, which is ready to go as soon as I decide which picture to use for the cover (Sophie Cocault has given me eleven to choose from).

I also managed to finish a piece for Microsound's 'Microspace ' project. The final audioworks are published here. A new project has opened; this year's invitation to submit a piece for Pi day.

I made a little video for Cashier No. 9's tune "I Kid You Not".

I saw a few musicians and djs over my break too. I went to Fleda for the Itch My HaHaHa party last weekend. Good times were had in god company. I hadn't taken any time to research the acts on the flyer as I usually would, instead trusting to luck that there would be some quality action. I was dancing to the Greatest Hits Collective's usual diverse pro-party dj set.

The band in the 'big room' was nothing special (pub-rock meets hiphop?). The last dj on there played some rather groovy blobby synth and beat material that I couldn't dance to but it did make me want to go interupt to ask who it was by...I didn't though...

Last night I caught a solo ambient/improv guitar artist called jiří kučerovský at cafe 3 Trojka. A quiet affair bringing to mind all sorts of post-rock memories. Pure bell like guitar tones and soft drones and wisps of sound layered with echo.

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