Saturday, January 12, 2008


Netlabel resource have been asking the worlds best netlabels to do a mix of tunes from their catalogue.

"Regular monographic showcase exclusive mixes of some of the most notable and innovating netlabels. Nobody in the netlabel sphere knows its releases better than who has given birth to them, and also, who has established its quality standards and infrastructure to publish it to the audience. Also nobody better than who is behind the netlabels, its managers or collaborators, could make a more representative sample of the philosophy of them. This is why ive asked each of the selected netlabels to manufacture an exclusive mix to showcase their published (or not) works."

So, heres the Acroplane one.

1. masterbot - 96Hz (bew remix)
2. herv - aoibheann
3. t-polar - pygmy 3
4. mothboy - aliens
5. ken & ryu - class of ‘98; old fat broken
6. dubreak - typhoon for two
7. bluebottle farm - dastorytion in 4/4
8. brian robinson - petal n
9. neon flummoux - the questionable cat
10. the last sound - rest in space
11. mothboy - deeper down
12. filaria - electro nik
13. mothboy - fight song
14. eN - bass jam (live)
15. brian robinson - pond

61:14, 224kb/s mp3, 98MB

Get it here.

All the above taken from

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