Thursday, December 06, 2007

Radio Mix.

I made another BEW mix of material for Queen's Radio (Attic session). If you fancy listening the mp3 is available here.

There are a range of other mixes available from these sessions, all of which are high quality. They are available on the site of the man who co-hosts the show Matt Hazley. Go and check out his site, imprint this on your mind.

In other news I've been bashing together a little batch of Christmas tunes for my work party. I've been told people want/expect to dance. This means I feel like censoring myself a little and not weirding out too much with the filters.

I've basicly taken a couple of MIDI files and put some VSTi and breaks on them. You can hear a demo here.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Cheers for the link up bruv! You about over xmas?

1:34 PM  

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