Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Photos of DJs, wilderness...

DJ Fresh, SOUNDWEAPON feat MC IVORY - Aces of Bass, and all-round top chaps. They worked the crowd at Fleda into quite a dancing frenzy. The place was so hot the concrete stairs leading to the VJ booth were slippery with sweat and condensation.

Shout-outs should also go to: IM CYBER, RIDO and SAYKO. Meaty and beaty.

In other news:
I went on a little trip to the countryside, climbed fences and stroled around some leafy hils with a few friends and saw all sorts of lovely things: deer, mountain sheep/rams, wild mushrooms, hunter hideouts and the likes. Goodtimes.

I also went to a small recording studio/gallery called Lavka. Sophie had a piece being shown in a collage exhibition. Quite a selection of beautiful things. I was particularly taken by the arrangement of instruments and tools suspended in the hallway entrance.

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