Friday, September 28, 2007

Music and video.

An old song from the bew vaults (originally released on the first Curfew compilation CD)

The track was pieced together from various low-rez clips of instruments used by microtonal minstrels the Gongs. More intriguing instruments for imps can be found here.

The final touches are being added to the soundtrack for the film made with Prof. Edwardo Alvorado. This is set to be premiered at the Visonic festival in Belfast.

I'll be doing some visuals at Fleda again. This time for the Break 4 Beats team. More info on their parties here.

Work is underway on a set of bass heavy tunes (hopefully for release on acroplane) there are three different takes on one track, which features some samples of Prince Jammy. Working title 'Gwan Versions'. Just invited trombone player Mark Knight to add a little something to one of the dubs - can't wait to hear the results.

A sample can be heard at the bew myspace.

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