Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Remixes a go-go

Recently I have been working quite hard to tie-up the many loose ends of projects that I started in the past and left stewing. This spate of activity has produced some interesting styles.

Masterbot's "96Hz" is a droning wobbler, with glitchy percussion and a slightly dubbed-up atmosphere. Lots of space and moving reverbs and echos.

Feline Dream's "Lull" is quite bouncy, disco-house drenched in sparkling synths.

Dapayk's "Holis" is dark (minimal?) electro.

The Vile Bodies' "Where's the Coffin?" is a sturdy, kicking, electroclash type affair wih gothic tinges.

Sunosis' "Leap" has been through a number of different changes in direction but the lates (which I am happiest with) is a 180bpm jungle and breaks romp. A mix of simple subs and growling bass - that hopefully balance out.
Other than these remixes (I am working on another for Dry County and one from the trip to New York where Nicky and I played with Prof. Edward Alvarado) I have just finished the hard banging "Crane Crash HW" and "Kookie Loop Dirt Step" which is a kind of hard-ragga industrial thing.

I just started a few remixes using files from Milanese. He has a stack of samples on his web-site and I just got a few packs, un-zipped and started to build. I'll post as soon as there's something to report back on.

All of the above will get put into the mix (even fragments of unfinished work) this Saturday at the Cross Club, Prague.

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Blogger Side of Jeffrey said...

How can I hook up with your tracks with Edward? He is my idol. You are one lucky dodgy.

10:48 PM  

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