Tuesday, June 04, 2013

'You Are Not Listening', Never Records 080613

Cinemandala brings you the Belfast screening of Never Records 'You are not Listening', a straight to vinyl music project and international record shop by New York based artist Ted Riederer, as it happened in Derry, curated by Theo Sims and filmed by Jason Wyche.

Among the many artists who adorned Ted's spectral turntable with their noises, Stu Downes, Mark Garry, Phil Hession and Barry Cullen will follow the film with live music. And those that haven't yet, Robyn G. Shiels.. and with order, the house.

Ted and Jason will be in the house and happy to talk NEVER RECORDS..
Entry is free. Pints for the performers are discretionary.


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Anonymous Paul Connolly said...

I was at the Derry screening of this last weekend, playing with The Wood Burning Savages. Hope you enjoyed the film, Ted and Jason are two absolute gentlemen. I'm Fuzz89 from Fastfude also, just to shed the facelessness that happen in forums.

1:04 AM  
Blogger dodgystereo said...

Hi Paul - the Belfast screening was great fun - there was a chatty buzz as the film was shown with some interesting performances too. I agree RE: Ted and Jason. I hope to share some recordings from the evening in the future...

6:33 PM  
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