Monday, May 23, 2011

Mp3 From Somewhere There - 24/250411

I was in Canada and played two nights at Somewhere There in Toronto. I played there last year. It changed to a new location. I was very happy to be brought back by the people I played with last year (as well as being amazing drummers, Mark & Germaine are ace cooks too), and also introduced to a host of new people to play with.

Sunday 24
Paul (saxophone)
Emilio Guim (guitar),
Kate Pittman (drums),
Michelangelo Iaffaldano (homemade instruments)
Barry Cullen (amplified objects)

Monday 25
Dan Gaucher (drums and percussion)
Tania Gill (piano)
Tilman Lewis (cello)
Jeremy Strachan (saxophones)
Barry Cullen (amplified objects)

All the mediafire links are to download the files I recorded of the events. All were recorded to a Zoom H1 portable recorder as WAV then converted to mp3 using Audacity apart from the last file which was recorded using my MBP's built-in microphone (unfortunately, the battery ran out on the zoom).

All photos and video footage was taken by Anne-Sophie.

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