Monday, July 26, 2010

BEW Promo Cassette Tape 2010

Here's two mp3s you might like

I made 'em for a 90minute long cassette tape,
side A has a collection of noise jams and demos from 2009/10
side B has a selection of remixes from my archives (some well known names and some lesser-known ones too - some nearly 10years old)

side a

side b

BEW - Promo Casette Tape 2010

Side A - Demos: Various 2009/10
Side A - Demos Various 2009 10 by bew

Mutton Cubes
Farfisa Fuzz
Woodblock and Harpsichord
Rudi Thumb Dub
Baby Bleep (dub-1)
Chip 140
Nasty Mono Dub 4
Skipitty Blip
Nes core 180
Clonard 180 mix 3

Side B - Remixes Archive Mixed 1
Side B - Remixes Archive Mixed 1 by bew

Robyn G Shiels - Robot Spaceships (bew warp mix)
Faroh - this is not hiphop (bee's instrumental dub)
Feline Dream - Lull bew remix)
M Sodom - Sex With Celebrities (bew remix)
Escape Act - Everyone Got Shot (BEW Snoid remix)
Milanese - Vanilla Monkey (BEW broken mix)
Jamie Lidell - Feel Good (bew remix)
Shameless Hussies - Driven (BEW 140 remix)
Ex-Magician - Plan Retrieval (BEW dub)
Jamie A - Cafes and Cathedrals (bew gay cream mix)
Dry County - Glodfish (bew remix)
Kidd Dynamo - different frights of stairs (bew - boo)

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