Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Man From Uranus - Oscillations - 040909

When I arrived at soundcheck for the Man From Uranus show I noticed something unusual. Phil the synth using headliner was banging his sampler on the table. It had stopped making sounds. Some people would have said that was a major problem, and throw their hands up and went home; this guy decided to soldier on.

He asked if anyone had some other equipment he could use. Simon the soundman fetched a drum machine, a copycat and space echo. I let him use my pitch shifter delay and bass synth pedals. Along with his stylophone and bug brand synth he was going to do an improv set. I felt inspired.

We watched the film "One Man In The Band" I played a few tunes. the Good Soop DJs played a variety of styles of tunes from smooth to bouncy. The night ended with some loud electronic tones that spun between martian marching music and lullabies remixed to soundtrack nightmares.

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