Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Modul8 + Respect Your VJ

After using Resolume on my old PC for quite a while I've been investigating Modul8 on Mac.

I loved the simple intuitive clip mixing interface of Resolume. It had lots of great plug-ins too. I've tried the latest version: Avenue, but I'm not sure It's what I want to use for performance: especially as it doesn't currently support flash nor all the great FreeFrame plug-ins that it did in earlier versions before.

Modul8 supports a few great FreeFrame plug-ins: bloom is a new favourite: a simple, but effective blur. Along with that, the paint + animate tools on Modul8 mean generating content has never been so easy.

Another interesting piece of software on the list of things to look into when I find more time is VDMX

I've been talking about these a lot recently. If you're not familiar with them yet and you like to make visual or audiable things with digital tools you will probably enjoy; Create Digital Music and Create Digital Motion.

Found on a VJ forum.
VJ notes from the ground:
Respect Your VJ

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