Wednesday, April 08, 2009

BEW - Jeff Keen Soundtrack

DOWNLOAD the mix
NB: the mp3 is an edited version - approx 60 mins

Rough track listing:
dj trio (Christian Marclay and friends) - paris
capitol k - heat
gongs vs bew - peace
rothko - untitled
fats waller - frac fingering
rahasaan roland kirk - ain't no sun
nabakasa takemura - side b no 2
stanley lieber - afterklarung
moondog - viking of
pascals - talking dog fields
moogey men cometh - appologies mr rossini
harry partsch - untitled
john cage - prepared piano 3
bbc sounds - hover craft
fridge - comets
nurse with wound - cruisin for a bruisin
yo yo ma + bobby mc ferrin - air
voices - story time
cage and sun ra - conversation (from
earle brown (played by max neuhaus)
doves - where we're calling from (hebden bridge mix)
four tet - hilarious movie of the 90s (manitoba mix)
pigface - tapeworm
howling hex - pair up black mass with
fog - untitled

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Anonymous Paul McCarthy said...

Nice one Barry. Sorry i missed this, looks like a really interesting concept

6:10 PM  

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