Friday, July 04, 2008

Black Sookie - Black Box 020708

SO on an offchance I come across the availability of a free rock show at the Black Box. The band were called Black Sookie. They will make many happy because their tunes can be sang along to. Some will like the scale of things (a twelve strong band + dancers - which is usually larger according to their guitarist) others the theatrics of it all (face paint, all black halloween/goth schtick, the top hat and bone combo) with the choice to be distracted by what each charachter in the troupe is doing.

There was a graveyard boogie type vibe that put me in mind of the old Groovy Goolies cartoon, with elements which were amusing, and spooky too. It was a fun show.

The day before that I saw a remarkable 'busker'.

I write 'busker' because he/she wasn't playing the keyboard at all, but playing a CD through a little amp. I made a donation for the picture and effort. The music wasn'y worth much.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have that exact same pic of the rabbit busker in my phone. i like em

10:28 AM  

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