Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cashier No. 9 - I Kid You Not + Subtitles + stuff

A short while ago I made a little video for Cashier No. 9's song, 'I Kid You Not'. As an experiment I decided it would be fun to try to add subtitles (maybe as a kind of karaoke version). Above is the result of my first try. The audio has deteriorated quite a bit (dodgy stereo? actually it's monophonic), so I'm going to try some different tools to improve audio fidelity for future versions.

Clips from the Prelinger archive.
Window's Movie Maker.
DivX codec.
FLAC codec.

In other news, I have a string of VJing gigs lined up. I'll be in Prague on Thursday 13th March at Roxy. It's an early show for Bullerbyne and MIDI LIDI, the Machine Funck djs will also be there.

Next month I'll be back in Fleda on April 5th to vj for Dieselboy and again on the 16th May for Roni Size, thanks to the Level B productions crew who run the Break 4 Beats parties.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thought I'd give you a break from the spam. Great video :) me gusta mucho

2:32 AM  

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