Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fanfare Ciocărlia 150108

I managed to get into the incredibly packed Fleda last night to see Fanfare Ciocărlia .
I was a bit late - the show started at 8 and I didn't get out of work until 8.30.
I was happy to join in the squeeze as people without tickets were being turned away at the doors.

The big room in the venue was jammed. The air; hot and full of dancing arms and wicked music. At first I could barely see a thing unless I was pogoing or standing on tiptoes. The music was so good that I didn't think of this as a problem.

Then the band stopped playing and walked off stage for a break. I managed to get a lot closer to the stage and waited. When they came back on the room went wild; screams, whistles, waving etc. They blasted out their string-free melodies one after another in a military fashion; bang, bang, bang. A barage of balkan brass.

When they finished their second set and encores the crowd started to flood the small bar. I was there trying to cool down after the dance-a-thon when a door opened beside me and the band stroll past, procession style, parping and honking.

Music city. I had to admire their energy. Non-stop.

Other videos are being uploaded to the dodgystereo youtube account.

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