Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sounds - out loud.

So i managed to see Eric Truffaz this week. A rather pleasant surprise. I had listened to two of his albums and found them to be frigteningly prog-rock heavy. Sophie wanted to see him though, and I had been told about him by my students the year before, and I've never heard a Blue Note artist play live before, so that and the offer of free tickets pretty much made it a 'must see'.

The venue (Fleda) was totally packed with enthusiastic listeners of all ages. Eric played most of his set with bass, drums and keys. Later on he was joined by vocals and trombone.

There was a pleasing scene in the small bar next to the main concert hall - a trumpet player parping out some riffs being spun by a DJ. Fresh.

Last night I went out to find the Yacht Club. A place I was interested in last year - but unable to find. Thanks to my friend Adam who had been to the university nearby before. He didn't know the place either but was keen to find the club and hear a littl dubstep. I was a little unsure as to what to expect. Thankfully we were not disappointed.

The DJs at the stat of the evening played some clean dubstep and traditional dub tracks. Then came along a young man called NGOMAU with an Apple Mac playing live dub. His sound was a little more tech-y but still fitted well with the material the DJs had played. He broke out some skanking rythmns and some four-to-the-floor stompers with plenty of wobbly tape-echo efects and clanging reverbs.

The DJs returned at the end of his set - managing to totally clear the little dancefloor by playing some R n' B. This was quickly remedied by runing with a return to loud dirty dubstep, which got the rubber kneed punters dancing again. Loads of high quality tracks, and some dodgy, but fun, toasting too.

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