Sunday, August 05, 2007

Gigs and photos...

The flyer for Home Made Jam has grown. I find it amusing that I am listed as being from the Czech Republic, but then again; if that's what I have on myspace a promoter is going to use what's there...
The gig in the Black Box was good fun - I nearly missd my chance to play - arriving at the venue an hour before going on I found that the curators (Diston) had made a running plan for the evening that involved me not playing - Blast/Bless the bus system...I got a chance to play to the end though and that was fun.
I have an mp3 of the show ready to put online for anyone who wants to hear it, and the BEW version of 'paranoid android' but I can't connect to yousendit or any other share sites thanks to a filter on my present net connection. A post with links to these audio files will be online shortly.
BEW; clicking on icons in front of a room of people.
Brian Robinson and friend make an Apple powered audio-visual treatThat Oh Yeah Computer show a lot better than I thought it would. A few people have taken the time too write a few lines about it on various sites. There are some short videos at the Oh Yeah site.
Links to those other people's opinions...
Culture Northern Ireland.
Good On Paper.
No Clarity.

I had a chance to see Dry County playing live for the first time in about two years and I was blown away by how their sound has changed as a live act. I have been playing their album a lot in work and getting into the tunes - but the live show takes them to another level with the four men keeping very busy with their tools whilst the video show keeps the crowd fed with rythmic eye candy. The crowd responded well too, dancing and throwing their arms in the air. The new material is bouncy stuff that is leagues away from the indie-tronic tunes they played last time I saw them. Bangin'.
Phil 'Weakling and King' Porter, rocking out yesterday.
Kevin banging with the Dry County gang
Sophie and Hanna showing their teeth.

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