Wednesday, July 04, 2007

CD - OhYeah

I've recently got some new CD's from dodgy stereo artists that have moved on from releasing recordings on cassette tape to signing with other labels.
Danny "Cashier No.9" Todd gave me;
Alloy Mental - We Have Control (Skint)
Cashier No. 9 - Untitled Album (demo)Phil "Weakling and King" Porter gave me;
Dry County - Unexpected Falls (Lazybird)
All three discs are fantastic and I advise you to listen to the tunes linked below. If you like them support these artists and buy the records, get in touch via their myspace pages or go see them in concert.

Alloy MentalI Gotta Love Weakling & KingFeel It MoreIn other news Phil and I got back together in his Dublin based home studio and started work on some new material. As per usual the dodgy stereo attitude of disregard for genre was in place and several different flavours were blended to make what is likely to be the next The Translucent Knees release. I'll post up links to results as soon as the tracks are mixed and mastered.BEW has recently accepted a commission to make a cover of Radiohead's 'Paranoid Android' for OhYeah. They plan on celebrating the 10th anniversary of the release of the band's 'OK Computer' album by having a host of Irish musicians perform and record versions of songs from the album to make something called 'OhYeah Computer'. It's hard work.

My brother has already warned me that no one will like it, and will say that it's an insult to the original, and that there was no need to meddle with something that as great as it was/is. Should be interesting when the feedback starts.

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