Sunday, April 01, 2007

BEW - old video footage.

Spring is in the air and all feels well. Plants are popping up in the parks and birdsong is blending with the sound of children playing. I may sounds like a hippy - but it all seems rather beautiful.

What goes well with spring? spring cleaning of course. Soph uncovered a short, silent video of me playing at Les Echafoudages festival in Paris 2005 in Les Voutes. Having no 'live' sound I added the 'Darsh - On Est La (bew remix)' as it features a Parisian MC and so kinda links. I did play a version at that show.

I went to a rather excellent show in Fleda on Friday night. 'Bass Infection'. A good mix of music in two rooms.

In the small bar there was a lot of traditional reggae, skanking-a-plenty. In the large hall there was a range of hard dub and drum & bass. Heavy. Sophie sustained minor injury by moving close to the stage - some dancers were giving it stacks, and give her a slap with their elbow. Ouch. Nothing a good lie-in won't sort out though, thankfully.

BEW still working on an embarasingly over-due remix of Feline Dream's 'LULL' and a host of's slow, but they're all taking shape. Really.

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