Tuesday, January 16, 2007

That NYE 2006/07

It's been quite a busy month so far. Jumping around to see family and friends, making noise, writing new material, trying to stay healthy, and plenty of transport. It was great to catch up with the various heads over the winter break, in Paris, Rennes, and Belfast. If you're reading - hello, I'll see you again soon (fingers crossed!?!).

Barry's Electric Workshop - Making some warm sounds...

The shows at the Front Page and The Black Box were both really successful. Thanks for the opportunity to unleash some new material on the public. Goodtimes.

Skatter - Dropping the needle for the crowd's listening pleasure...

I found some photos on Acroplane - I think they were taken by Tina Moore (hope you don't mind them being put up here) and also a short noisey youtube video of the walk home with the 'Calor Gas Sound System'. Nicky and I can be heard but not seen. This is probably a good thing, as we'd bee told to turn it off by the police just a few minutes/metres earlier.

Talk is underway to get a turn out in New York. Fingers crossed that Dodgy Stereo open air noise feasts will continue to spread.
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