Friday, February 12, 2010

BASE - Ulster Hall 200210

Trans, one of Belfast's urban arts academy's, is hosting BASE: the first indoor festival of street art in Belfast on February 20th and 21st in the Ulster Hall, Belfast.

Running order for the bands :

Saturday 20 Feb
Start 14:00
Finish 23:00


14:00 Ossia Music

14:30 Nakatomi Towers

15:30 Cutaways

16:30 NI Soul Troop

17:30 BEW

18:30 Pocket Billiards

19:30 Space Dimension Controller

20:30 Super Extra Bonus Party

21:30 We Have Band


Start 14:00
Finish 18:00

14:00 Katie and the Carnival

14:30 The Swell Time

15:30 Marie-Flore

16:30 Hyperpotumus

17:15 Special Guest

Here's a list of the artists involved - get a load of these tasty graphics!

I contributed to a podcast for the Culture Northern Ireland site (thanks to Eddie Mullan) which you can download here.

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