Saturday, May 11, 2013

Table Leg Diddley Bow 1

A while back I was given the book Handmade Music Factory by Mike Orr. It's full of interesting pictures and info relating to DIY instruments. Trying to build some of the projects has been on my 'to do' list for a while.

After playing with the Diddley Bows made by Andrew Cooke I decided to have a go at making something quick and dirty.
A three-legged table fell apart in my yard recently: I discarded the rotten wood and salvaged a few pieces. The legs seemed in fairly good condition, one was used for this build. Other parts, such as the pick-up and tuning peg were from an old bass guitar. The jack socket was new, but fitted to the plate from an old strat-copy. The nut is weathered glass from Helen's Bay beach. The bridge; an found off-cut of conduit pipe. The tail-piece is an old bracket from some furniture.
Here's a demo video of the first notes played through one of my recently built "Smokey" amps:

The amp uses two recycled VHS boxes for the enclosure. The speaker is from an old keyboard, the capacitors and jacks were from an old mixer. More upcycling to follow.

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