Saturday, May 18, 2013

Atari Noise Board 1.2, WSG Filter, Fruit

Cavan Fyans sent me a pair of PCBs for his latest Atari Noise Board.
I housed one in a "Little Miss Trouble" tin that I found in a charity shop. After connecting potentiometers I put sockets into the solder pads marked for touch connectors, then plugged in a few connection wires (usually used for breadboard prototyping) which I jabbed into a mandarin and a banana. The results sound like this:

My second Atari Noise Board isn't housed yet, but I added four copper touch pads to the LM380 which adds some Crackle Box like action to the sound palette. There's always something playful to be made from bench scrap!
I also built a pair of WSG resonant filters. These are the smoothest sounding of all the filters I have made so far. I've enjoyed adding a force sensor/FSR (thank you Ian McCurdy) to squeeze open the vowel sounds.

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