Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Promoter Vs VJ

Being a VJ is fun. I enjoy the challenge of getting the pictures in my head to appear on a screen.

Hours spent cutting up magazines and celluloid, dubbing tapes, sifting through films, hoping to chance upon an inspiring few frames, installing plug-ins, trial and error sessions with numerous codecs, making an indecent amount of drinks coasters in the bid to find suitable disc manufacturers, finding what does and doesn't work by torturing anyone with a free few minutes to watch my latest output (the result of many hours producing and rendering files) can leave anyone physically drained, but, occasionally it's very satisfying - the rush of adrenalin I feel when the audio and video work together is rather special - but it's striving to improve that makes me continue, .

It has taken me a long time to become familiar with the file formats, pieces of software and hardware. Add to that the many opportunities to practice my patter with promoters, musicians, DJs, bar and club staff and you've got years worth of happily learned experience that I'm usually happy to share with anyone who's interested / will tolerate me dribbling on about my pet subject.

However, it's not all ruptured retinas, broken backs, moth-ridden pockets and lack of a social life - sometimes you can be invited to take part in glamorous projects involving REAL SUPERSTAR DJs and people with passion about their projects, and vision!

I can't take credit for the following video (thanks vjforums) but it reminds me of a number of occasions when people don't want to understand the word, "no".

I think I'll continue to enjoy finding new tools and techniques on my own time, even if it means I don't make it with taste-making, trail-blazing, scene-leading firebrands that rely on people jumping to (be taken advantage of) their call to arms!

BTW - The chaps at Ecker are great to work with - come hear the contents of their record bags and hard drives at the Menagerie this Friday.

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