Thursday, February 18, 2010

Misa Digital Guitar

"misa digital guitar running linux kernel 2.6.31.

very fun and mesmerizing to play.

sydney, australia.

PLEASE NOTE: that "crackling" some people are pointing out is an effect, like a bit crusher effect. It was done on purpose to show how the location of your touch effects the sound. You can apply any control parameter you want to each axis of the touch screen. This instrument is not limited to one type of effect. I personally like the sound, but it is subjective like all music is."

This ugly, cutting-edge piece of kit looks like a LOT of fun. No price available yet, and I imagine the response on the fret(?)board might be strange, but it's got some interesting sounds and I'm sure that multi-touch screen can be coaxed into manipulating the notes into territory a normal stringed guitar couldn't get to.

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